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The Most Christmassy.

Was anyone else a little bit sad to see their Christmas tree go yesterday? It sure was nice to get the space back but our little living room sure is looking bare without the Christmas cards and decorations.

I definitely think it’s important to say goodbye to Christmas once the New Year arrives, but it’s been difficult for me to find the time to share things with you, I’ve actually been suffering a lot with jetlag since I got home, as well as major writers block – I want to get around to sharing my tacky Floridian adventure with you, I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to do it, I’m looking forward to it though, it just might be mixed in with other stuff.

Anyway, despite my writers block, I thought it was important to get Christmassy talk of the way, as it seems like ‘the season’ passed such a long time ago. Forgive me for the odd Christmas tree popping up here and there in the future though, I can’t really help being there during the Christmas period. Without having a traditional Christmas, with cold weather and turkey, I guess you could say it was a little difficult to really get into to Christmas spirit this year, even if – thanks to work – I’ve been feeling all about Christmas since September.

That said, one event sticks out the most as to what made me feel like it was Christmas, and it actually happened after Christmas was over, and that was seeing The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Celebration and their fake snow can jog on, but more on that another time. Christmas is meant to be tacky, over the top and cheesy and seeing these lights dance to Christmas tunes had Christmas cheer wash all over me.

I took a few videos but they’re for a short holiday film I’m putting together for my family, so here are my favourite photos from being there. I perhaps had more fun than I should have playing around with the depth of field on my 35mm lens, it made taking photos in this environment genuinely feel a little Christmassy too.

This is one of my favourite photos I took of the whole holiday.

After getting a maximum of two hours sleep last night, which I’m placing blame solely on jetlag (still!), it’s back to reality and the world of work tomorrow. Moon started his new job today so it really feels like this week marks a new start. It will be so nice to worry less about money, especially as it’s horrid bill month and January is horrid anyway, we’re already mentally planning where we’ll be taking ourselves on holiday this year – and our new sofa.

It’s so nice to start the year in a positive way, even if the January Blues do creep up occasionally, just to remind me that I can’t hide in Christmas forever. It’s so strange that I’m in such a different place to where I was this time last year. I hope I don’t seem to be wishing the year away but it so exciting to make plans.

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