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Photo An Hour 1/12: January.

I guess picking a snowy Sunday where not much is able to happen was a silly choice for a Photo An Hour, but I do so enjoy quiet things anyway. So if you hadn’t got the newsletter, it snowed. It’s pretty, it’s even snowing more now, but it’s annoying, I like wrapping up for winter but I sure am looking for spring, I miss flowers.

(That’s a little white lie, these days any time after half 10 is disgustingly late so the fact I tumbled out of bed at 10:45 is neither here nor there)
It was snowing again, after having a day off on Saturday and having 5 inches fall on Friday but it was super fine so not much happened.

I’m not sure Doll knows what to make of the snow at all, but her love of outdoors has kind of made her get over it.
It is quite fun throwing snowballs for her.

Brunch, a lovely Sunday treat.

See what I mean about Doll being a bit of a sweetheart?

We were a little optimistic about whether the snow would melt so it meant we had to pop out for milk.

Finally sorting through my Florida photos on Facebook, only to be thwarted by their awful uploader.
Am I the only one who gets a little sad when things aren’t in order?

Two treats from Sainsbury’s – a chocolate chip cookie and lemonade ♥

In the mood for baking bread.

The finished result, a bit different from my last attempt but just as tasty!

Oxtail stew, my new all time favourite food that Moon cooks – doesn’t looks even nearly as tasty as it is but it’s the perfect winter warmer.

Settling down to watch Catfish: The TV Show, I need MORE!

This is about as messy as our little flat gets, all that tasty food was worth it though.

Tasty tea and more TV.

Moon fulfilling his role as official Monday lunch maker.

I sure am looking forward to doing this little challenge I’ve set myself, I think this definitely reflects how sleepy my January has been so far.

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