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Bag of Tricks.

I’ve been really suffering with writer’s block, this is definitely something that’s very unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but I am a little sad to have neglected my little blog so early in the new year. I’m hoping that the nice images I managed to snap in the snow will bring me some inspiration, in the mean time here’s a little list.

I chose the photo above because I’m enjoying seeing Moon’s heart melt more and more over Doll. She’s very easy to say ‘yes’ to, but my heart is understandably much softer when it comes to her than Moon’s is. All that being said, she’s been so much sweeter than usual lately, maybe she’s maturing or I’m just imagining things but I’m beginning to think she might even like me!

3 Goodies:
1. Having time to be a little lazy: From lying in at the weekends to vegging out in front of the TV (Catfish: The TV Show is my current favourite), it feels like a lifetime since I’ve done things like this and it’s simple but it makes everything feel less difficult.
2. Moon starting a new job: This is fantastic news and means we can get things back on track a week on Thursday, pretty exciting stuff. Plus he’s finally happy after moping around for months and that’s such a lovely thing to see.
3. Chats with my Gran: Something that never fails to cheer me up, even if it’s about unimportant stuff, my favourite the fact that she always has the best gossip about everyone in the family.

3 Baddies:
1. Getting up and going home in the dark: I don’t actually mind getting up early, in fact I’m very much all for seizing the day, it’s the fact that it currently feels like I’m always waking up in the middle of the night, even though it’s not. At least it being winter means that spring is sure to follow, eventually.
2. People sitting next to you on public transport when they have free reign of the rest of the vehicle: I actually like public transport, for the most part it’s reliable and I like knowing exactly what time I’ll be getting somewhere, it’s the fact that common sense seems to go out of the window for some people. Personal space is something I can tend to miss occasionally, plus it’s a little bit creepy.
3. Snow: It was pretty neat to add a couple of extra hours to my weekend on Friday, but I’m currently living in constant fear that I’m going to fall on my bum, and it’s so stressful.

Despite claiming the opposite in my previous post, I guess I am suffering slightly from January blues, but that was a little while ago, and it is ‘Blue Monday’ after all. Even if some of the little things don’t really matter, adult life can be bloody hard sometimes, I think I just needed to put this out there a bit.

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