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Tuesday Tabs #37

What with being ill last week I had a little time spend mindlessly browsing the Internet, so I have a few nice things this week. I had been wondering – as I mentioned in my last Tuesday Tabs post – whether to be a bit more festive but I think it’s best to stick with it how it is and as it comes.

I’ve been thinking about how posting on my blog will work over Christmas while I’m away as I want to get the most out of my holiday as possible rather than spend so much time on a computer, saying that, I will probably spend a couple of hours an evening online, unless there’s not Internet access at all, might be quite liberating. I’m pretty excited, it’s just two weeks tomorrow until I head off and there’s so much to cram in before that, I desperately hope I’ve shifted this cold by then, it’s the worst!

[via Buzzfeed]

This photo is from a great set by Fubirai about the feral cats of Fukuoka. It’s amazing how versatile animals can be.
My Mum only came back from Hong Kong on Friday and I was missing her a lot in the last month or so. This video really made want to be over there with her, so many neat sights that I’ve been to and ones I’ve yet to see!

[Woop Studio]

I love this print from Woop Studio, it’s part of an awesome A-Z ‘collective term’ series, which would be perfect if we hadn’t basically run out of wall-space this weekend :3

[via Kate Bartolotta]

Definitely something that should be included in part of my New Year’s resolutions now that I’ve not got much left to worry about.

[What Katie Does]

Owhh, I’d love this print to call my own – apparently I’m feeling a little more cat-crazy than usual this week, and it comes at a time when Doll’s being really naughty and I have to keep telling her off.


[Urban Outfitters]

We picked up a great throw from Ikea at the weekend and it’s really pulled the lounge together, much more so than the old one and so much cosier, but this one was another one I had my eye on if I was feeling particularly flush on pay day.

  • Mashup Illustrations by Justin Hillgrove — I’ve seen a lot of Justin’s Where The Wild Things Are/Studio Ghibli tribute floating around for the last week or so, and it’s so cute.
  • This Dance Routine for Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’. — I think Dangerous is one of my favourite MJ songs, sometimes I find myself forgetting that he existed because I don’t listen to him that often but then I remember and it’s like tune after tune after tune! This dance routine is particularly boss too.
  • What Katie Does — I only discovered Katie’s blog a couple of weeks ago, but you know when you find a blog and you just want to root through it? She posts great photos, lifestyle posts and has such lovely kitties, she’s fast becoming my new favourite.
  • 31 Advanced Photography Tips to Help You Advance as a Photographer — I always like to school myself up on things like this, especially in the lead-up to shooting events. It’s interesting to learn to tips and see how other people do things even if they won’t be something I’ll eventually use.
  • Fro Design Co’s Mythical Beasts Travel Posts — My favourite is the Big Foot one.
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