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That was that.

This week has been so annoying as I’ve been ill the whole time, now I’m feeling a bit better but still achey and therefore still annoyed. I know how to be lazy but not really how to take it easy, so having to ‘rest up’ is just about the most boring thing.

Anyway, I wanted to share these photos with you before but never got around to it due to the excitement of Mumford & Sons and other things, so here are some pictures from when Moon and I went to Brighton a couple of weekends ago. We were there to see Frankie Boyle on the Friday and only stayed the one night, but Brighton is one of my favourite places so it was nice to spend some time there. It was especially good because it was the same weekend they put up their Christmas lights so to walk around in the evening was so twinkly and pretty. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s so far away now that we live in Newbury, but I hope to get there one day.

We stayed Cecil House, which was right on the sea front and very cheap and cheerful – so comfortable that we over-slept and missed the breakfast that we paid for. I’d definitely recommend it though, the room was really basic but light and quirky.

View from the hotel room in the morning.

Lunch on Saturday was at the lovely Food Illic, a restaurant we’ve been promising ourselves we’d go to with each visit. It didn’t disappoint and I doubt we’ll be going anywhere else next time.

Moon’s new favourite animal is a pangolin thanks to David Attenborough.

Day of the Dead celebrations at the Brighton Dome.

I spent a lot of the time I was ill watching the first season of American Horror Story and I only have two episodes left so once Miracle on 34th Street is done making me feel extra festive, that’s what I’ll be moving on to. Have you seen any of AMS before, I’m almost ready to declare it one of my favourite TV programmes ever, can’t wait to get started on the second season.

The rest of the weekend hasn’t been very eventful, we picked up some nice things from Ikea yesterday and had a nice afternoon at Long’s new house in Swindon though, it’s far to cold to do anything exciting.

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