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Oh Two!

On Wednesday, Moon and I went into London to see The (amazing) Black Keys at The O2 Arena. To top off how much I like The Black Keys anyway, they were supported by my all time favourites, The Maccabees!

We had to get seated tickets because by the time I’d made the decision as to which would be best, standing had all sold out. We had an great view of the lighting display but everything else looked super tiny – so I kind of wish we had stood, given that it was dead when we arrived. Despite that, everything sounded perfect, both bands were really on point as usual and it was such a great evening.

We had dinner at Chiquito before heading into The O2, it was so tasty, we used to go to the one in Portsmouth all the time.
I loved their bottle chandeliers! ♥

Southern Fried Chicken & BBQ Pulled Pork
I do feel a little weird about seeing The Maccabees in that situation but I hold on to hopes of them ‘doing a Mumford’ and playing some smaller venues soon. The Black Keys suited the arena environment perfectly, something you wouldn’t expect from a duo, but they oozed ‘cool’ and played such a great mix of songs from ‘Strange Times’ right up to their new classic ‘Lonely Boy’. They encored with ‘Everlasting Light’ (my favourite song of theirs) and ‘I Got Mine’ – two songs I’d actually hoped they’d play but had forgotten about by the time their encore rolled around just because they were already too good!

Even sitting right up in the nosebleed seats, there wasn’t a shortage of ‘gig mentals’ included; a man who kept kicking Moon in the shoulder to make conversation – he was so excited through the whole thing but his girlfriend made him leave before they came back on, probably because he kept talking about X Factor, a couple who shared a whole bottle of wine within 15 minutes, with no cups and (my favourite) a man who burped up some vomit and left before anything had even started.

It was definitely a nice change to not worry (as) much about getting unknown liquid thrown in your direction and it was also cool that we were allowed to stand up, unlike when we saw The Maccabees at Brixton Academy, I was happy with all of it really, I just would have been happier if were maybe a little closer.

In case you wanted to know what a £4 bag of Munchies looked like.

The Maccabees smashing it.

I was pretty chuffed to get this photo, it’s kind of like getting back a photo from the roll of film that Boots destroyed from Reading.

Favourite of the night: ‘Everlasting Light’ – because it is my favourite but also because they whipped out the discoballs which was sweet!

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