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Flavr of the Month #5.

Flavrbox is beginning to seriously impact some aspects of the way I think when shopping, particularly when it comes to thinking up exciting recipes, not just in terms of what to cook with the products Flavrbox have on offer, but also generally overall. I’m really into trying out new flavour combinations that maybe I wouldn’t have tried before, I definitely smell a New Year’s Resolution in there somewhere.

The cut off date for their Christmas box has passed now, but why not treat yourself to a New Year treat and place an order for their January box, I can ensure you that they won’t disappoint. Until the end of the month using the code XMAS2012, you can get £5 off the usual £20 price tag!

Parmesan, olive & rosemary biscottiSundowner

Made by the same people who made the pecan mix from last month’s box that I didn’t really like, I didn’t have very high hopes for these. However, they were scrumptious and exactly my kind of food, they went great with the remainders of the tapenade (also from last month’s box) and sweet pepper meze that came this month. They’re bursting with flavour and have a great crunchy texture. I also put them in a salad as croutons and they went great with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Ali Shan Whole Leaf Taiwan Oolong TeaJing

I was quite looking forward to this, as the Pink Kandula tea I got in another box was such a delicious treat, but unfortunately I didn’t really like this one. It had a funny flowery citrus taste that didn’t really agree with me, it’s definitely a personal thing but I just don’t get floral flavourings in food – fine for beauty products, as long as I don’t have to taste them.

Aivar Sweet Pepper MezePelagonia

This was a treat, sweet but fresh and our kind of food but I think it would have been better suited to the summer months though rather than November-December time.

Chicken/Pork Herby MarinadeRossini’s

We tried this with chicken but I really think it would have gone much better with pork, I don’t think that it complimented chicken very well and was a little too herby, as well as being a bit dry, but then I guess the dryness is to be expected from a dry rub. It’s sure to last a while though so I think we’ll give it go with pork next time.

Chocolate Dipped RaspberriesChocca Mocca Chocolates

I don’t really like dark chocolate as I think I find it a little too rich, but because of the tang of the raspberries that was slightly counteracted. Saying that, these are slightly too rich to have more than a few, but still tasty.

Cheddar Cheese StrawsThe Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

These were, by a million miles, both mine and Moon’s favourite, and didn’t last long at all. They were crumbly and flakey and different from the crispy ones I’ve usually been able to find in shops. My only complaint is that there weren’t more for me to shove in my face. ♥

As usual, it’s hard to pick fault in this month’s Flavrbox. I would say my main problems are down to personal taste, but the whole point of Flavrbox is that it isn’t tailored so it’s always a surprise and that’s what makes it so fun!

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