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Current Good Things.

Hello, I know it’s been a while, I’ve been stretching myself a little thin this week it seems. I’m surprised I’m managing to survive on the mere 5 and a half hours sleep I got last night, but The Black Keys were more than worth it – more on that in the next few days.
Despite my bleary eyes there is a lot of niceness washing over me this week, so here are some of my favourites – in list form, naturally.

1. This time next week I’ll be well in Florida – and it couldn’t come sooner, even though it’s only 24°C out there at the moment, I’m sure it will be a major shock compared to the -6°C’s we’ve been having here, it is pretty though.

2. Getting on the bus first and snagging a seat when it’s busy – coming from many years of having to catch the 213 or 131 home from Kingston, Reading folk don’t have a grasp of sneaky London commuter ways.

3. How Doll’s fur feels – It’s almost her Gottiversary, I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year and what a total babe she can be when she wants to be. I love putting my face on her belly, and I can’t totally live with white hairs everywhere for the next 20 years. ♥

4. Pretty new bedsheets – Moon finally caved and allowed me to get something floral, they really make our bedroom seem more snug and he even admitted it!

5. Wearing at least 5 layers of clothing practically all the time – I know I mentioned longing for warmth, but it is pretty neat to be so cosy. If someone’s found a solution to not always having clothes legs though, that would be a major help.

6. Frost crunching under my feet – so satisfying.

7. This month’s FMS Photo A Day Challenge, I’m actually managing to keep up, and it’s super easy now I have a phone that actually lets me use Instagram whenever I want (Follow me at intoruth)

8. Catching up with American Horror Story – I’ve easily found my new favourite ever series, I’m completely obsessed.

9. Wintery sunrises – Makes it worth leaving the house at 7am, and like it’s really Christmas soon.

10. The pre-excitement before shooting a wedding! – Thinking about how wise a life choice it was to agree to do it the weekend before I go away but it’s so much fun to get out there and take photos.

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