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Tuesday Tabs #35

Good evening,
It feels a bit like it’s been a while although I know it hasn’t really. I’ve been quite busy/lazy, which is usually the case. I’ve got a list as long as my arm of future posts but they can wait for a little bit, I’m hoping to get around to it all after a good night’s sleep tonight as I’ve been a bit silly with my sleeping pattern recently and it’s left me feeling exhausted by this time of day.

Did you have a nice weekend? We had a few friends over to eat chilli and peep over our fence at the fireworks display at Newbury Racecourse, it was a super way to spend Saturday night and was great to see everyone. My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 arrived at the weekend too, I’m still getting to know it but I’m well and truly in love and am looking forward to introducing you.

Anyway, here are some of my recent Internet findings, have you found anything interesting recently? Now that Guy Fawkes Night is over, I’m well and truly looking forward to Christmas. Only six more Tuesdays to go before it’s here, what a quick year it’s been and yet so much has happened!

[Wild Ridge Design]
Here’s my first slice of Christmas for my blog. I think we’re going to go all out with decorations for the little flat, even if I’m going to be away. I’m on the hunt for a wreath although we’re thinking of making our own, the colours of this one are beautiful.

Although not a big of George Clarke himself, I’m really into George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 at the moment, how perfect is this modular home? So tiny, but so great.

[Sea of Beas]
This bison locket is so nifty.

I know this has been used a lot in a lot of things recently but it’s a really nice song, I’ve listened to it about four times today…

And this is another I’ve been listening to non-stop I almost forgot it existed until signing up to Spotify again last week. This recording is nice too.

[Michael Muller]
I spent a lot of time on Sunday afternoon nursing my head and perusing Michael Muller’s awesome online portfolio. Obviously he’s a pretty big deal but I was impressed with image after image and I like it when that happens, so I figured it deserved a mention.

[Alex M Lynch]
Right after I post this up and after I’ve had a shower, I’m actually going to get right back on sewing my own case for my tablet, but this one sure is pretty so if I do mess this up – in the way only not knowing how to use a sewing machine can – then this is always a pretty alternative option.

Sometimes I really wish that I loved gardening as much as I love flowers, these flower pots are so cute!

I think it will be nice to get decorations from all over and build up a collection rather than buy a huge box of ‘okay’ baubles, this would have made a sweet addition to our Christmas tree but sadly it’s already been snapped up. I also have my eye on the holiday armadillo.

Link Love:

  • Inside Nook and Cranny — This is a pretty recent discovery, but looks like somewhere right up my street, Nook and Cranny is an adorable little shop within Liverpool’s creative hub, The Bluecoat and looks right up my street. Liverpool is somewhere I’d really love to head to for a weekend, this is definitely second on my list when I do get around to visiting – after The Beatles museum, of course.
  • Custom Photo iPhone Case DIY by Oh No Rachio — This is the most simple DIY ever, I can’t believe I never really thought about it before. I’ve never really thought about clear tech cases before but they sure are a great way to help add your own stamp to things.
  • Container City — Speaking of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, the awesome Container City was featured last week, it reminds me a lot of Boxpark, such a great idea, I love the idea of discovering storage techniques as I’m not a huge fan of massive spaces.
  • Cat Nail Art Tutorial from Syl and Sam — My nails are super-short at the moment but I can’t wait to try this out!
  • F***! I’m In My Twenties —Although there’s a lot of personal anxiety surrounding this Tumblr blog, I think a lot can be said for being thrown head first into you twenties and not really having a clue how to react to it.
  • Cute Chipmunk Photos from The Dainty Squid — Kaylah is so great at photographing animals if I had my hands on this little guy he would probably just run away.
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