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Photo An Hour: 11/11/12

Here are some photos from Operation: Lovely Sunday at the weekend. It really was an almost perfect Sunday and the perfect example of why it can be better to not laze in bed all day – I got stuff done and I got to relax.

10am // Blasting out a bit of Kanye on my Note while doing my make up and getting ready to face the day.

11am // Coffee and breakfast, two things I make the effort to have at the weekends as I’m usually in too much of a rush during the week. We watched The Gadget Show, I wish I could win their prizes.

12pm // Popping up the town to pick up a few things we forgot when we went in on Saturday. Seeing that The Kennet Centre were putting up their terrifying Christmas display based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe…

1pm // Off for a walk after a quick lunch.

2pm // Walking a different way around Greenham & Crookham Common, which mainly involved walking through the woods and mud.

3pm // Moon in the woods & one of many lovely huge cows, my favourite feature of Greenham Common.

4pm // Picking up hot chocolate from Sainsbury’s on the way home because we heard some dog walkers talking about how amazing their hot chocolate would be when they got home – got marshmallows and whipped cream too!

5pm // I started getting down to a bit of baking and multi-tasking with cooking our Sunday roast and this cheeky monkey decided it would be good for her to get some chicken too!

6pm // Making the flat cosy.

7pm // I was so ready for roast chicken!

8pm // Settling a food baby with passion fruit yogurt and X Factor.

I think I’ll make it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to do a Photo an Hour at least once a month, they’re a lot of fun to do and make me feel slightly more focused – ridiculous to say I know as there’s still over a month to go until Christmas.

Putting aside the fact that on this particular day I was taking in nature and being as snap-happy as ever. It genuinely helps with the editing-down process, something I’m terrible at, but leaning towards more documentary-style photography, not something I’ve ever really felt the need to excel at either.

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