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Nick & Cat’s Seaside Wedding.

You might remember that just over a month ago I shot a wedding in Camber Sands near Rye. Well, I didn’t want to share the photos until I’d given the couple back their photos, fingers crossed they’ve got them and that they’re pleased with my half of the results.

I feel like weddings are a little more stressful than the other events I’ve shot and have more experience with just because it feels like there’s so much more responsibility. Saying that, I’ve got another one booked with Abbie next week which I’m already quite looking forward to, fingers crossed that the sun shines for that one too.

The day itself was lovely, because weddings just are, and they were lucky with the weather as it was incredibly temperamental but the sun shone when it really counted.
Anyway, here are my favourite photos from the day to share with you.



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