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My Week in Meals.

Looking back at this, my diet from last week actually makes me feel a bit silly. There’s a lot of junk in here that I wouldn’t normally eat, but it was just one of those weeks, plus the Chinese on Friday night was down to circumstance rather than actually going out of my way to get it.

Despite a little bit of shame, I thought I’d share these meals with you anyway because the food that wasn’t take-out, was pretty delicious – mainly thanks to my house-husband, Moon. It’s pretty good to reflect too as I now know that this week I would like to be slightly healthier.

Monday – Sausages, beans and mash potatoes.
TuesdayTakeaway – Saveloy and chips from ‘The Plaice’.
Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese ♥
Thursday – Garlic and herb salmon, boiled new potatoes and broad beans.
FridayTakeaway – ‘Eastern Chef’ thanks to Moon’s dad.
Saturday – Cheese and tomatoes on toast with Worcester sauce.
Sunday – Roast chicken with potatoes, carrots, courgettes and mushrooms.

My favourite – Sausages, beans and mash; top tip, never buy cheap sausages – although my roast is a pretty close second.

I don’t want to keep apologising for being a bit MIA but I really did need to relax and sleep over the weekend. It’s pretty good though because it’s meant that I’ve been able to come back with a fresh head and some more ideas, so stay tuned.

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