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Little Flat’s First Christmas.

I know it’s still November and it feels like Christmas is ages away, but it’s only a month to go and I bloody love Christmas so today was the day we popped out to get a Christmas tree and cover it in lovely decorations. I’m going to be away this Christmas, which is the main reason we really put up the tree early, so I can actually feel Christmassy in our home before I head off, although I’m sure Disney World will offer plenty of festive cheer to make up for it.

Our Christmas tree was a total bargain from Tesco at only £15 and it doesn’t seem that cheap in quality either, it was probably only around £3 including a token I got for swapping a clubcard voucher, it’s so satisfying to be a savvy shopper.

We didn’t want to do what we’d done at University houses and get a ready-made box so we’ve spend this weekend and the last couple, sourcing decorations from different places. From John Lewis to Wilkinsons, I think we have a nice mixture that goes well together – I’m also totally loving that there are a few animals in there, as though they’re actually living in the Christmas tree.

Have you been taking advantage of Innocent Drinks’ Big Knit? If not, why not? Not only will you be donating 25p to AgeUK but you’ll also get these neat little knitted wool hats. I thought they would make good Christmas decorations, and they really would have but they don’t really go with the rest of our tree so I’ve put them on these nice sticks I got from a fancy florist in Brighton last weekend, I’d like a few more and then I think the masterpiece will be complete :3

I can’t even describe how on edge I am about leaving the tree unattended with Doll around. Her behaviour towards it currently shows a bit of indifference but anything that moves slightly gets the ‘hunter’ treatment, so I have visions of coming home to a toppled over tree in the near future.

My favourite bauble, not just a bauble, an M&S bauble

Crochet Star, Paperchase.

This decoration and the deer one above are from a shop in The Lanes in Brighton that was full of so many other things I wanted but couldn’t afford – both were a bargain £1.50 each.

The tree actually seems a lot bigger in our little flat than it did in Tesco, and it’s really imposing but I like it. Have you been thinking about putting your decorations up yet, or am I little premature? Where are your favourite places to pick up decorations, have you made any of your own?

I hope your Sunday was as ‘productive’ as mine, I’m off for Sweet Chilli Toad in the Hole – a Moon creation, it smells amazing! – with mince pies and brandy butter to follow

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