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You might have already heard of these already but I think they’re neat so I thought I’d talk about them anyway, because how good are they?!

Stickygrams are an awesome online service that allows you to upload your images from Instagram and send off to have them made into little magnets. A great stocking filler idea if ever there was one, I only sent off for an initial nine as I didn’t know how they would turn out but at $14.99 (around £9 so £1 a magnet), I’d happily order them again.

I first saw these in A Beautiful Mess’ sidebar so I didn’t think they’d come so quickly but they arrived within the week so considering they came from the USA I was really impressed, and they’re simple but effective.

They’re now placed proudly amongst the other snaps and finds on my fridge, and fit wonderfully. You can get $2 off at the moment with the code: FRIENDLEP if you would like your own. I’d 100% recommend them as a quirky gift that’s affordable and good quality and if you use Instagram a lot, what a great way to print out your photos as physical copies.

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