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Hopping Over.

Did you know that Hungerford is officially one of the best places to go antiquing in the whole of the UK? Moon and I certainly didn’t, and I’m pretty sure the former statement is just about where the excitement in Hungerford stops.

On Saturday we wanted a bit of a change of scenery so decided to take in the sights of the next town over. It was quite nice to go somewhere that we hadn’t been before but I don’t think, unless I’m suddenly desperate for antiques, that I’ll be heading there again soon. It’s quite pretty, it’s just a bit sleepy and there’s not much going on.

That said, we did have a good nose around a great scrap yard filled with all sorts of fun bric-a-brac, it made me really long for the vintage market at Spitalfields and made me realise it’s been over a year since I interned with Ink Publishing in Shoreditch, it feels both like it was yesterday and years ago at the same time.

Not sure if these actually are cauliflowers but they look like it, I thought they were quite pretty, a really nice alternative addition to a window box. It sure would be nice to have a place to put my own window box, says the girl with a whole that she never really bothers with…

I don’t really like walking around tiny shops with no other customers in them, it’s a little claustrophobic, but I might have regretted popping into this one as lots of their stuff looked up my street.

These antlers were pretty cool but super pricey considering they were essentially sat in someone’s garden.

Same goes for these bottles, they looked pretty nice displayed like this too, so I think it would be important to get the whole lot!

So many good signs which such great fonts. ♥

This was the office of the lot, I thought it was pretty cool, so manly!

The attic room of another shop we went into which was just full of different-sized baskets.

Hungerford may not fill me with excitement but this house had a bridge entrance, which sure is dreamy.

You might be able to tell by now that I enjoy a bit of exploring and basically just looking at neat things – it’s nice to have definite time off to do things like this too, even if it isn’t that exciting sometimes. Most importantly this was also a good excuse to wear in my new boots, I hope they stop being painful soon!

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