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Hello, Little Note.

So it’s been just over two weeks since I shelled out on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, an early Christmas/late ‘Congrats on the job’ present to myself, and I’m definitely in love. Ultimately, tablets are just cool, and I’m happy to be the owner of one, even though I can’t really think of a real reason for actually needing to have one, it feels like I’m finally part of ‘the cool gang’. It’s also pretty nifty to have something to hold my attention while I’m busy being a ‘train wanker’ on my way to work.

I’m still waiting on a few accessories so I can get the most out of it, like a card reader to upload photos on the go and MicroSD for extra storage so I can watch films. So here’s my Note, including a padded case I quickly put together using Oh No Rachio’s tutorial alongside some basic sewing know-how. It’s not amazing, but it works for now until I can make a decision on something that will provide slightly better protection.

My background is a super-cute illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova, obviously I had to go for something a little cat related and her work is so simple and pretty.

I think my favourite apps so far are definitely Currents – for catching up on news and trends, eventually I might use it to follow blogs, and Photoshop Touch, which came free with the tablet but is usually £6.99.

It’s been kind of hard to find a case specifically for my Note 10.1 as everything seems to be catered towards iPads, but these – if they were completely perfect – are my top three as to what I would choose. Now it’s just over a month before I head off to Florida, I’m going to hold out to perhaps find something while I’m out there instead though.

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