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Wishlist for the Weekend.

It’s come to my attention that I’m pretty good at spending money like water and very terrible at saving it, so I guess I’m doing this to benefit myself in that if I put it here, I’ll feel (maybe) a little bad if I go back on it.
I frittered my first paycheque away a little bit and I’m hoping to be a bit more responsible next month, mainly because I just need to be more strict with myself but also because it’s about time I start saving properly for Florida in December.

Still, I like to treat myself so here’s my mini wish-list for payday, in a hope that I’ll be able show a little more direction and restraint if I write it down.

One: ASOS Leather Jodhpur Ankle Boots — I’ve been eyeing these up since the beginning of last month with the hope that they’d soon become part of ASOS’ never ending, unfortunately they haven’t yet but I think they’d be a worthwhile investment. Lets face it, my faux suede £8 Primark ankle boots aren’t likely to hold up for much longer.

Two: Models Own Wonderland Box Set — Models Own have been releasing some great glittery polishes lately, but I wasn’t totally taken by their earlier Mirrorball set, this one is totally perfect though and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it, particularly the Snowflake one, which is just dreamy and almost an exact dupe for a flakey GOSH one I had a couple of years ago. They’ll be great for Christmas and I love the mixture of fine and chunky glitters.

Three: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet — There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this tablet so I do feel as though I’ve been slightly brainwashed into picking it out, but at the same time it’s just what I want. As last month saw my first grown-up paycheque, I was reluctant to part with my dosh which I now see was a little silly so next month this will be first on my list. The real question though is whether I pick it up from a real-life shop or save £20 (which could go towards a MicroSD card) and get it online but have to wait around.

Four: A New Hairdryer — It’s not an exaggeration to say that my hairdryer has completely fallen apart, I’m pretty surprised that it actually still manages to dry my hair because it really isn’t looking so great. Luckily its demise has come when Boots has half price offers on electricals, so this cheap and cheerful leopard-print Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer is an obvious choice.

I hope you have a great weekend, I’m not going to let my current churchmouse status get me down and hope to get outdoors and snap a few rolls of 35mm because it’s been a while. I’m so looking forward to tomorrow’s lie-in as well as cooking lots over the next couple of days; sleeping and cooking are things I don’t get to do much of during the week.

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