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What I Wore: Who Does Your Hair?

Here’s what I wore last weekend to go shopping. I’ve since cut my hair a little so it’s less lame. Not very exciting but I need to tell you that those trousers are the most comfortable ever and I’m doing everything I can to stop myself from buying ten in every colour.

This was the day I was taking fashion inspiration from my style-guru boyfriend. Exactly why I need to get myself some new cute dresses promptly. I do like this outfit though, it was really comfy and the colours make me happy that autumn’s well and truly here.

Hair bow: Gift
Necklace: Found
Vest: New Look
Shirt: New Look
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Converse
I might need to look in some other shops at some point because even my socks were New Look…

This bow was a cute gift from my #PhotoSwap2012 partner, Alejandrina. Hopefully I’ll be able to share these with you soon as I’ve sent my photos to Alejandrina now and her photos are currently being processed. I’m so excited for the results! You can find out more about the photo swap over at For The Easily Distracted.

We actually left the house like this. :3

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