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Visiting Canterbury.

I can’t wait until I am able to drive so I can visit my sister in Canterbury more. It’s such a pretty city and I’d love more time to have a walk around and browse it’s famous(ish) charity shops. Here are some photos from when I visited her with my Gran for her birthday on Sunday, she’s the grand old age of 19 now, that’s quite weird.

My Gran baked my sister a cake and it was the first time she’s baked one in years, it was quite nice, even though the icing wasn’t made in any way I’ve ever seen before. Lucy actually ended up with four cakes as my Gran baked one, my Mum bought one and she was gifted two from her flat mates, which was pretty nice of them. At least she doesn’t need to go grocery shopping for a while. Oh student life.

The packaging for the cake my mum bought was lovely.

The main present I got for my sister was a Quail guinea piggy bank to match the one I have. Plus, students love loose change, right?

We didn’t go into Canterbury cathedral but it sure looks pretty from the outside.

We went to a nice Belgian restaurant called La Trappiste for lunch, it was really tasty.

Lucy was silly and didn’t order a large Coca-Cola and instead got this tiny excuse for a drink.

Such pretty houses. ♥

These apples were just growing in the car park, not something I get to see everyday.

This is the cake my Mum bought my sister. One of my favourite kinds of cake, I maybe shouldn’t have been greedy and brought it home with me given the three hour train journey as it ended up a little bit squished.

The view from the hill outside Lucy’s halls, a little envious as the view from my room in halls was of a car park.

It was great to have some nice weather, especially as it’s been so grim this week. I’m sure I won’t feel so moany about it once I have appropriate shoes.

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