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Tuesday Tabs #34

I’m quite happy to make this something that’s every so often rather than every week. I don’t usually get a lot of time to browse nowadays, let alone post about it. But here are some of my favourite finds this week. I think this will be perfect to refer back to come payday.

[via It’s Nice That]
This is from the series, ‘Perhaps Finally Alone’ by Photographer, Elisa Noguera, this is my favourite but I think the whole series is really neat. Plus I bet it was a great excuse to spend some time with cute critters.

[Swanky Catz Baseball Shift Dress, Drop Dead]
Definite appreciation for Drop Dead’s latest cat-centric collection.

[Cat Rabbit Plush]
How sweet is this scalloped necklace?! It’s really different from anything I own and perfectly represents how I think I’ll be feeling as the nights draw in, it also comes as a twin brooch set, which I have my eye on too.

[Rebekka Seale]


I am in desperate need of a more robust, ‘proper’ camera bag, as I’m a terrible snapper and just pop my cameras in my handbag at the moment. I don’t want to compromise to much on the look of the bag, but it will ne nice to have something that is better at protecting my cameras as autumn and wintery walks become more frequent. I still have my eyes firmly in the direction of Jo Totes, but the pattern of this pag is lovely I like that it’s fabric rather than leather.

I always leave Dry the River gigs feeling overwhelmed and I know I’ve been talking about them a lot since forever but particularly recently, but I just think they’re wonderful. Every time I’ve seen them, Pete’s vocal on ‘Weights & Measures’ gets me, it’s so desperate and beautiful. Obviously this isn’t a recording from when I saw them at Gathering on Saturday but it’s one of my favourite recordings of this song that I’ve heard.

[via FYeahArtStudentOwl]

[Clare Owen Illustration]
How sweet is this simple, splodgy cat illustration?!

[via This Is Colossal]

I’ve been dying a little over these adorable outfits worn by ‘Trotter’ taken by Sonya Yu. I’ve been even more animal-crazy than usual in the last week or so, I think mainly thanks to a short bout of cabin fever, but also thanks to Moon’s, ‘well I wouldn’t mind a smaller dog’ quip, which he probably won’t ever live down now.

I can’t decide if this is a good advert for this car or not, but the cat is nice.

Link Love:

  • The Fake Books from The Royal Tenebaums — A lovely list of large images of the books from The Royal Tenenbaums, it would be really cool to have a couple as posters, as if I haven’t littered the flat with posters enough already.
  • Scrimshaw Dessert Plates from Supernice — I spotted these when peaking into the window of Supernice when I was in Rye the weekend before last and thought they were really pretty. A little too pretty to eat off of but we have a little thing for seaside things.
  • Lampshades from Laura Oakes — One of the very few downsides to our little flat is that we don’t have much need for lampshades, when we finally get around to moving somewhere else or buying somewhere, these will be perfect.
  • Nation of Amanda’s ‘I Want All The Cats To Love Me The Best’ T-shirt — I’m certain that I’ve mentioned this before but I keep coming across it and it’s becoming more and more of a must-have, it’s too cute.
  • This Dino Skirt from Drop Dead — I wish this was a midi-skirt rather than a tube skirt as I’m not 15, but I feel my wardrobe is distinctly lacking in dinosaurs.
  • Gemma Correll’s Ampersand Print — I’m so happy to have found this again on The Curious Pancake as I thought it was gone forever when it sold out on Gemma Correll’s Etsy shop.
  • Daily Dishonesty — A wonderful Tumblr blog filled with perfect typography and things we should perhaps be more truthful about.
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