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Tuesday Tabs #33

I couldn’t start this without acknowledging that I reached 100 readers today. It makes me so pleased as my blog has changed so much over time and I never really started this desperate for people to read it. Saying that, I’m super pleased that you are and while 100 is a piddly amount compared the thousands of some of my favourite bloggers, it’s such a satisfying number, quite a cosy amount I’d say. I’d been stuck at 97 for a little while and it stressed me out a bit. So thank you for reading and I hope you stay. ♥

I haven’t done one of these posts in a few weeks as Tuesdays seem to be the longest days ever for me at the moment, but Chrome is begging me to purge my recent Internet finds. It seems a little silly to make one of these when I have other things to talk about, but I want to if nothing else then for my own self referencing, I find it quite useful.

[Buy Olympia]
Gemma Correll is one of my favourite artists in close second to Mr Rob Ryan. Her work always makes me chuckle and she always alternates between pugs and cats, perfect.

[Gemma Correll]

These are kind of like clown shoes but aren’t they so cute? I love the colours.

[Girl’s Got Plaid-itude Dress, Modcloth]
I’m not usually a fan of high necklines on dresses as I find them a little constricting, but this dress is so perfect. The autumnal colours are perfect for the changing season, and I definitely don’t think I have enough plaid in my wardrobe at the moment.

[Urban Outfitters]
They had these in ‘proper’ Pug colours but they sold out in less than a day! These ones are a pretty close second and I’m ridiculously tempted.

[1canoe2 Letterpress]
I wish I had the time to organise all my favourite recipes, this would be the perfect way to do it, I’m such a sucker for pretty lettering and paper.

Even though this finished over a month ago, I’m finding myself obsessed with it without even watching it. It’s so fun to reference and after seeing Jeff Daniels in Looper, I’ve just decided that he’s one of my favourites, even if he is in Dumb ‘n’ Dumber.

It’s definitely been far too long since I last saw these chaps (shall we say nearly two months?), I’m pretty excited for Gathering on the 20th.

I enjoy this meme a lot. It reminds of the cat that lives at the end of my mum’s road, such a wonderful face.

[via Jamesy Design]

Link Love:

  • Pixar’s New Site for Monster’s University — Everything Pixar does (apart from anything to do with Cars) is always great and this gave me a good giggle. I’m pretty excited to see how ‘Monster’s University’ turns out.
  • Shutterstock’s Tips for Pet Photography — I love taking photographs of animals, they’re hard work and they’re fun but you can end up with something awesome if you have enough patience. Surprisingly, this might also come in useful when we get around to the pet products at work.
  • Thomas Birke’s Photos of Hong Kong — These photos really make me want to go there again soon, they’re so beautiful. A little envious of my mum right now.
  • Hopscotch Pin — I need to wear all pins but how great is this one? I wonder if I could get away with hopscotching still.
  • Wes Anderson’s Film Colour Palette — Pretty doubles up nicely as a tool for picking out complimentary nail polish colours 🙂

  • I hope you’ve had a fabulous Tuesday, mine was mostly spent working from home after some other things didn’t really go according to plan. I don’t mind where I work really, I’ve actually been a lot more productive here than I thought I would be, plus it’s been great to be brought massive cups of tea on request.

    I think tonight will consist of some Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, and the Tuesday night essential, Great British Bake Off, Tuesday nights get pretty wild in our tiny flat. Moon also made soup from the chicken we had the other day, yum!

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