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This Bell Will Ring.

Here’s a photo of the sunrise from last week.
Saturday’s shopping trip wasn’t all bad. Even though I didn’t have any fancy clothes that took my eye and pretty much ended up huffing and puffing in and out of each shop, I didn’t go away completely empty handed.

It’s so nice to finally be able to treat myself to things I’ve wanted for a long time. I’ve been after this vase since I first saw it in Feather and Fern, months and months ago! I’m a huge fan of Rob Ryan anyway, but his ‘Bells’ collection is my favourite, it makes my heart melt. I just need some pretty flowers to put in it now, I kind of picked the wrong season to snatch it up.

I got this from John Lewis but I’m a little gutted that our John Lewis in Newbury doesn’t stock Rob Ryan anymore. Still, this is a fine addition to my tiny collection, I think his Hello Egg Cups are next.

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