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Stila’s One Step Correct.

I’ve been in need of a new primer for a little while, with the very last dregs of my Benefit Porefessional running out – I never liked it much anyway, good but far too expensive for the size. I was using a great Murad one previously, which I received in a Glossybox ages ago and had bought a couple of times, but I wanted to try something different in a similar price range.

Using the great site, Beauty Bay, it was really easy to find. To be honest I’d only heard about Stila because they were featured in that ‘Truth About Poundland’ documentary about a month ago, otherwise I was oblivious. I must admit to making a rookie mistake here and buying this solely on packaging. I find this is always a little hit and miss but it turns out that it worked in my favour completely with this product! I’m a sucker for great packaging so it’s always a plus to have something that works and is pretty.

Stila’s One Step Correct is a primer that promises to colour correct, brighten, prime and nourish your skin, immediately improving your complexion. The green section minimises redness, the lavender counteracts sallow undertones and the peach brightens and illuminates. I thought it was the bottle but it all comes out together in one go!

For me, this primer is pretty much faultless, it’s a little odd to look at before you actually put it on, but smooths into an even serum that does just as it boasts to. It goes really well with my Dermablend foundation stick but I feel like it’s also good enough to wear on it’s own. It smells lovely too, so I can only recommend it if you’re looking for a new primer that’s decent but won’t steal all your pennies.

I also picked up this Black Polka Dot polish by Nubar from Beauty Bay, it’s my first Nubar polish and I wish they’d had some of the famous holographic ones in stock. This one is great though and reminds me of eggs, as well as this manicure by Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid. You can see above how I first wore it but I think this will get quite a lot of use and that you’ll be seeing a bit more of it.

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