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Rain and Sun in Rye.

This morning feels like it was yesterday and I’m so sleepy. I essentially worked 6 days last week, so I’m a little sleepy after being back at work again today after just one day off. Saying that, it was a super-productive weekend, and I’m glad I’m done and dusted with my second ‘gig’ as a wedding photographer. I must admit that it completely throws me out of my comfort zone but once again I’m really pleased with the results and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the images when I get down to editing them.

I’m not sure if I’ve really mentioned it before but my friend Abbie and I were photographers at a wedding on Saturday. Wedding photography is something Abbie did quite a bit of in the summer and has done a fair amount of before, but not something I majorly seek out. Abbie is from my University course and we went to Paris Photo and Disney Land together in our final year. The wedding was that of a man who interview me for a job (I didn’t get) earlier in the year. I wasn’t suited to the role but he liked my website and remember him saying so in the interview. He got engaged and got in touch with me but wanted a second photographer and that’s where Abbie came in.

I’ll get around to showing you more of a collection of images from the wedding over the next week or so, but for now here are some quick snaps from the weekend, as is apparently now standard practice on a Monday evening.

Being up before the sun on a Saturday should be banned, saying that the journey went really quickly even if it was just under 3 hours.

How great is this teddy hole punch?

The ‘less than promising’ wedding weather started showing itself fairly early on.

…but it soon brightened up and even if it came and went, all of Camber Sands looked beautiful.

You might recognise these as the blue version of the red ones from a couple of posts ago, I’m still totally in love with these boots, they’re so comfy! These ones are kind of filled with sand now but held up really well considering their £8 price tag.

I’m a big fan of little details but unfortunately these are the kind of images that the bride and groom weren’t really bothered about, even if it was these accents that helped pull the event together.

All those pom-poms were handmade from tissue paper!

The cake was so adorable ♥

Candy bars seem to be a pretty popular thing to have at weddings nowadays, I’ve seen them all over the place. Nick and Cats was quite small but full of yummy treats and the guests went crazy for it.

Mine and Abbie’s room at The Aviemore, a great place to flop down and watch the second half of X Factor on ITV+1 once we got back.

I love how flat this area is, it meant you could see for miles and miles.

Supernice is just one of the shops I wish we’d had a chance to look in, I’m so happy they sell so much stuff online.

Interesting artwork facing out onto the street.

Laura Oakes

Enjoying ‘Ribena Bricks’ at the beginning of our long journey home.

My tired, makeupless face after my lovely travelling companion left me.

My favourite manicure in forever, love the neutral shades and so happy with the length of my nails at the moment.
Base/Top: Rimmel Lycra Pro in 421: Clearly Clear
Colours: Models Own in Grace Green, Concrete Mixer and Vintage Pink / La Femme Beauty in Grey Creme
Spots: Nubar in Black Polka Dot / Topshop Nail Art Pen in Nightrider

The journey took way less than I thought it would and I was back before 2pm, I had a little sleep and enjoyed Dominos and X Factor in the evening, a well deserved rest.
It was a stressful and long day but not without great results and some good experience. The weather was incredibly hit and miss but the sun shone when we really needed it to. Despite having to go by train, our timings were perfect too which definitely took some of the stress out of it. The wedding was held in The Gallivant in Camber, which is a beautiful venue with an amazing, laid back beach theme, as it should really due to it’s setting.

We were put up in a lovely B&B in Rye and managed to have a quick look around on Sunday morning before we left, it was just such a shame that none of the neat shops were open. It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to explore again, as it’s part of the country that I’ve ever really been to before.

You can check out some of Abbie’s photography over at her Facebook page, be sure to ‘like’ it. ♥

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