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Must Dash!

Here are some neat things I bought from my current favourite shop in Dorking when I was back there last weekend. Feather & Fern had been enticing me with their new stock through their Facebook and Twitter all week and due to needing to pick up wrapping paper and a card for my sister’s birthday, I knew it would be hard not to get some things for myself too.

I guess I’m kind of sorry about the poor lighting but it’s tough to squeeze things in with a full time job now the hours of daylight are decreasing. I don’t think these are too orange, and I think there’s been far to much chat about ‘the importance of using daylight’ moving around lately, it’s not as important as it’s being made out to be…

This gentlemanly mug was a must. It’s quite thin too so perfect for the mornings when I want to drink my tea/coffee quickly. I mainly got it because I couldn’t resist the pun, or the price – it was only £5.99!

I’ve kept coming back to this bunting and finally shelled out for it. I think it will come in handy for sprucing up our bedroom but also might be good for the (kind of) party we’re planning for November. The polka dots are so cute!

This Denbies postcard is so neat. I actually had my eye on their limited edition Boxhill print they had for the Olympic cycling, but I think it would be a little too much. Although I love Dorking and it will always make me think of ‘home’ and my family, I think this tiny postcard when placed in a frame will pay homage enough – I do kind of wish it was a Boxhill one though.

This is the birthday card I got my sister, I put cat puns in it, see anyone familiar? :3

I may have saved a strip of this for myself after wrapping Lucy’s present.

Feather & Fern is such a lovely shop and definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Dorking area, great for gifts and homewares. Plus they stock Rob Ryan things so were always going to be a winner.

Here are some photos that don’t really fit in anywhere but are from last weekend. I was surrounded by super-affectionate animals and it was great. Saying that makes me feel a little guilty though as Doll has been quite nice to be the last couple of days.
My Gran had my Uncle’s chocolate labrador, Molly, to stay. She is the loveliest dog and was a great spooning partner on Saturday night, even if she snores and dreams about eating. ♥

Friday night’s Newbury sunset.

My favourite old lady was a bit of grump about having a dog staying over, but still up for cuddles and scratches behind the ear.

Sums up their general mood towards each other, although Molly doesn’t really care, there was a bit of yowling on Suzie’s part.

I’ve been listening to this a crazy amount lately, it’s really good, I’m a big fan of a good mash up.

I still have some photographs from when I went to visit my sister at her University for her birthday last Sunday to share with you. I’m really looking forward to doing nothing except shopping for my A/W12 wardrobe this weekend.
Key items on my list are; new boots, a winter coat and pretty coat hangers.

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