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Lazy Snapshot.

Aside from an exciting evening at Gathering Festival on Saturday, the whole weekend has been pretty lazy, which I think was probably quite good to me due to being ill on Thursday and Friday.

I cooked, I blogged, I watched movies and TV and I don’t at all feel guilty for it. So here are a few snaps from my lazy weekend and some photos from Oxford that I didn’t include in my Gathering post yesterday. Walking around Oxford really made me excited for autumn walks, but I favoured being a housewife on Sunday instead.

Starting the weekend with bacon and eggs is always a winner.

This is my current favourite photo of Doll, giving me her best puppy dog eyes, what a cutie, she’s been doing that a lot lately.

Smirking beautiful face. ♥

The charity and vintage shops in Oxford are amazing, it’s a shame our visit fell on the wrong side of payday.

The visual merchandising for The Ballroom Emporium was wicked.

See what I mean about the autumn walks? We had so many good ones in Richmond Park last year, we’ll have to find somewhere similar nearby.

I definitely want more time to have a look around Oxford again, seems silly not to given that it’s only half an hour away.

The simple but delicious Chinese food we had before heading into The O2 Academy.

Toastie & crips for Sunday lunch.

Co-ordinating in complimentary colours even when lazing around the flat.

Slow-roasted pork with carrot and swede mash, roast potatoes and peas. Nom. ♥

Finished the weekend glued to the sofa watching X Factor, indifferent to the results.
I hope that you had a great weekend and that Monday hasn’t hit you too hard.

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