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How It Went Down.

Here are some photos of what I got up to at the weekend. It was so good to not have to dash off anywhere and spend time with my lovely boyfriend and eat and eat. It was also pretty good to spend real time with Doll, I think we’ve been distinctly lacking in pretty little white cats lately, although this is probably all just me thinking it needs to be all cats all the time :3.

This guy is legend in our house. On light summer evenings he’d always be up on the roof and we usually spot him early in the morning at the weekends. ‘Roof cat’.

My recent fashion choices have been geared towards copying Moon a little, or he’s copying me…

I love it when it’s cold and sunny, one of my favourite things about colder seasons. It was surprisingly warm on Saturday though, weird when comparing it to the last couple of days.

We went to a lovely place called, ‘Bill’s’ for lunch when we were in Reading. It’s chain and they have them in a few places from Lewes to Exeter, Exeter’s one looks so beautiful, I hope to go there on my next visit. This one isn’t half bad either, there’s so much light and the food is so delicious.

Pretty juicy drinks.

I had fish pie, which was perfect.

Most of the evening was spent with X Factor, I have total buyer’s block at the moment, after a whole afternoon in Reading I hardly picked up anything on my ‘essentials’ list.

Just before bed, Doll popped back from outside and her whole belly was covered in mud! Perfect, she’s such a rascal sometimes I don’t know what to do with her. I think she must have tripped into a puddle, but we put her straight into the bath because there was nothing else we could do. She was pretty good about, made a few bids for freedom, but there were nowhere near as many claws as you would imagine.

She’s so skinny under all that fluff. Moon was so tentative and guilty over bathing her, so sweet ♥.


Sunday morning was spent being teased by Seetickets, Glastonbury and Chrome simultaneously but Moon and I managed to get out of the hour and a half scrum with tickets for Glastonbury for the third time running, like pros.

I baked these cupcakes that went un-iced but they’re so soft and tasty thanks to following a Hummingbird Bakery recipe.

Long came round and I cooked a roast lunch for the three of us, it was pretty damn great.

We actually zoned out a little and some how ended up watching ‘Greatest Power Ballads on Viva. I disagreed with a lot of it and there was a lot of Westlife in there.

These are one good find from Saturday and possibly my new favourite pair of shoes – instant regret at not picking up more pairs in different colours. Just £8 from Primark, these babies are so comfy and withstood walking through the rain today, which is better than some of my other shoes. I’m in love but I’m still hoping to be inspired by a pair of better quality ones soon… They go so well with the cosy socks I picked up too.

My first full-price cinema ticket in around five years. I guess I’m an adult and that’s what I wanted but still… I’m happy to hear some of my friends from Vue are moving on to better things, and Looper was really good. I don’t think it should be taken too seriously because it’s just decent ‘contemporary film noir pulp’ *cough*, but the ending is lame, and has made Moon hate the whole thing, which makes me a bit sad for him.

I ended my Sunday and weekend relaxing with a cup of tea from this month’s Flavrbox and Breaking Bad, definitely need to pull my socks up and get back into it.

I feel like this is going to be a good week, even if I still don’t have a good winter coat and it’s now dark when I wake up. So much to get done by this time next week it’s a little crazy and I’m already excited for next weekend, which promises to be a little more action packed.

Hope you had a nice weekend, and that the weather isn’t as bad with you as it is here.

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