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For The Love Of Pug.

I feel like I’ve been talking about these cute critters for such a long time that they really ought to have a whole post to themselves. Hey look, I finally got them, my delightful pug salt and pepper shakers from Quail Ceramics. ♥
Obviously the fawn one is salt and the black on is pepper. I think I prefer the black one, even though they’re kind of the same and both kill me. They match my egg-cup-come-tealight-holder pug head perfectly and I’m happy to the tiny collection sitting on the dining table. Aren’t they sweet?

I was able to justify it thanks to both getting paid and my old ones being seriously rusty, and thankfully that’s not a problem I’ll have with these ones, fingers crossed they last for a long time to come. I ended up picking these up from a shop called Gift Horse in Padstow, which sells all kinds of other lovely trinkets as well as lots of other Quail Ceramics things, so cute.

Look at this lovely face, makes me really want a real bug-eyed pup.

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