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Flavrbox for October.

So, I’m a little more on time with talking about this month’s Flavrbox than I was last month, not sure to give myself a pat on the back for being a good blogger or a scolding for eating all around me – whichever is true, I’m still completely loved up with Flavrbox and am already looking forward to the treats they have in store for November.

If you haven’t heard about Flavrbox before, you can find out more at their website. For just £20 a month you’ll receive a selection of different types of food from great independent companies – a lovely way to encourage trying new things and shop outside of supermarkets.

This month’s box was a mixture of things I love and things I wouldn’t usually try, and all the packaging was absolutely beautiful, something that’s always a plus.

Serious Pig Premium Snacking Salami in Classic and Chilli & Paprika

These were near the top in terms of my favourites of the whole box. I’m a big fan of cured meats and Pepperamis are one of my favourite snacks. These were the a real winner, I had them in my lunchbox and Moon even cut it up and put one in some special fried rice, which was amazing. The packaging is just the best, it’s cute but there’s something about that pig that makes it quite sophisticated at the same time.

Bailey’s Real Food Company Jackson Bars
The Hot Spice Jackson Bar, The Lovers Jackson Bar, The Nutty Jackson Bar & The Naughty Jackson Bar

These were quite a nice treat and made a great change from chocolate bars for a little while. Luckily they went from right under Moon’s nose and I got to try each one. These hearty flapjack bars were really moist and tasty with really interesting flavours. The Hot Spice Jackson Bar really lived up to its name and I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot, really different from anything similar I’ve tried before and packed full of ginger.

Mr Popple’s Chocolate in Uplifting Mint & Lime & Euphoric Orange

These bars are handmade from raw cacao, which is full of antioxidant properties and is meant to be much better for you than milk chocolate. I’m not usually a big fan of dark chocolate but the mint and lime one is surprisingly refreshing and the orange went brilliantly in a batch of chocolate orange cupcakes I made last week. You don’t need much of them as they’re quite dense but I was really pleased to receive these as they’re so tasty.

Bendylegs Granola in Original

Granola is usually something I pick up to have with yoghurt and that’s exactly how I tried this special hand-selected one. I go throw phases of either loving or not being bothered about granola but this was unlike any I’ve ever had before. The simple brown packaging is great and the citrusy undertones in the flavour at delightful.

Kandula Pink Leaf Tea

This tea is so fun, if that can be said about tea… It tastes and smells amazing and this was probably my favourite from this month’s box. It works well with and without milk and as you can see adding milk turns it a cute baby (Pepto Bismol) pink. I like most kinds of tea but I’m pleased that this had more of a tea-like flavour than anything fancy like peach or camomile.

Make sure to ‘like’ Flavrbox on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, they post lovely recipes and food-related things too!

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