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I like all different times of year for so many different reasons. I like summer because it’s when it’s most warm and it’s when my birthday falls, I like spring because everything feels like it’s alive again, winter is good because it means Christmas and a chance for snow and I like autumn because I love wearing layers and the colours. There are few things better than wrapping up warm, heading out for a walk and coming home to a warm house and cooking a tasty one-pot dish – and that’s exactly how Saturday turned out for me.

There are a few more photos of me in this post than there usually would be as I gave Moon (semi)free reign of my camera while I was using my 35mm SLR – a camera I probably love most but don’t use nearly as much as I should.

I love weekends like this, as it means lie-ins, tasty breakfasts, having the time for kitty cuddles and just generally feeling relaxed. It sure was nice to do something that we haven’t done since last year, I definitely think autumn is my favourite time to go for walks and I’m looking forward to finding different routes and exploring more, although it seems like the season is rushing past already, I can’t believe that it’s November on Thursday!

My two favourite things about yesterday’s outfit. ♥

Feeling decadent and having French toast for breakfast.

Doll must be feeling the cold because she never lets me hold her like this without wriggling away, she makes an amazing hand/lap warmer. The colder weather seems to be making her more welcome to my affection. #crazycatlady

So, yesterday we took ourselves up to Greenham Common, which is a two minute drive from our house and the perfect place for a walk (to walk a dog, I really want a dog, any dog). It’s so open and such a neat place to go. There are massive old bomb shelters, and basically it would be the perfect place to go if a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen – which was mainly what our conversations surrounded while we were exploring.

Not sure if this is a real body of water or just a massive puddle…

Thank you self-timer/Moon ♥.

As the bunkers are related to the Ministry of Defence, they were all fenced off so it was a little eerie, although it’s pretty cool to see how nature has adapted to this, but less cool that this tree was trimmed for its efforts rather than rewarded.

What I Wore:
Coat: Primark
Sweatshirt: The Arthouse
Trousers: Primark
Socks: New Look
Shoes: Vans
I had way too much fun making that .gif.

Absolutely adore that there’s even some purple in here too, such pretty colours.

Came home to find Dolly up a tree, apparently she can climb trees now, still no birds yet though (definitely a good thing).

Saturday evening was so cosy! I did a bit of tidying, lit some new candles and cooked stew before Take Me Out and X Factor, such good Saturday night telly right now!

I’m so happy that we’ve managed to find somewhere we can take in some fresh air the way we used to when visiting Richmond Park last year, I hope we come across some wildlife on our next visit. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m a FIFA widow for a bit, but Monster House is on Channel 5 in a bit. ♥

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