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Almost Friday.

Today is not a good one, I feel rubbish and I can feel myself feeling more rubbish as time goes on. Looks like it’s pyjamas, tea and soup for me then. It’s definitely going around but it means missing out on Nandos with work this evening, which is just about the worst.
Powering through just isn’t doing it, which is why I’m at home feeling sorry for myself.

[via Daily Frenchie]
I’m really hoping that I feel better soon as I have some lovely plans for the weekend, the way it’s looking at the moment though, I’ll be going even if I’m dosed to my eyeballs with ibuprofen. The weekend of Oxford’s Gathering Festival is almost here and I’m excited even if the outlook is a little grim at the moment.

The line-up is great and I’m so excited to see Dry the River again, even more so after being recounted Moon’s brother’s great evening with them in Portsmouth last night. It looks like it will be a great opportunity to see some new music, as well as see Spector and actually know who they are! ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ by Spector is one my favourite albums in a while and I found myself listening to it on repeat when it was first released.
I’m also looking forward to Bastille, The Staves and Lucy Rose – as well as having a peek around Oxford as it’s somewhere else I’ve never really visited before.

I hope you’re feeling a little more healthy than I am, everyone seems to be moaning about being ill at the moment, I guess it’s just that time of year.
If you are feeling under the weather then here’s a picture that will hopefully at least cheer you up. It’s Frank the British Bulldog pup, one of our visitors to the office on Tuesday, what a ladykiller.

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