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What’s Your Flavr?

I’ve been meaning to write this forever but there are a couple of reasons why I’m only doing it now. Firstly, things just kept coming up, and secondly, it’s taken me a month to find the time to try every item, and I didn’t see the point in posting if I couldn’t talk about it properly.

I’m a lover of the subscription box trend and have tried quite a few within the last year as I just love the element of surprise, as well as the value for money. Flavrbox is a subscription box with a difference, there’s delicious food involved! I’m sure there are others like it, just as I found out after writing about Glossybox a few times, but Flavrbox is the first one I’ve heard about and it’s the only one I’ve had, so we’ll just talk about them for now.

So, as well as liking subscription boxes, you may be able to tell I also like food. There may be things I talk about that give it away, but I’m going to guess that it mainly comes hand in hand with my appearance, not that I’m too bothered, I think food is a good thing to like. Food is exciting and it’s worth getting excited about, I feel a little bad for people who see it simply as fuel, because it can be such an enjoyable experience.

Flavrbox brings the concept of ‘accessible good quality food for everyone’ right to your doorstop. Bringing us closer to the makers of our food, by providing us with further information about each product, we get to try new things and know what we’re eating and from where, something I think we can all agree is something everyone should be doing.

With next month’s box fast approaching, I’ll skip the wittering and show you what I got, I enjoyed every item except one, which isn’t bad going as this was down to my tastebuds rather than because it was totally awful.

The leaflet about ‘The Makers’ was really interesting and so nicely put together.

Spanish Garden Paella and Elderflower Rice Pudding, Gusto Secco.

This is a weird one, one product was my favourite but I thought I would hate it and the other was the one I was most looking forward to but I really didn’t like at all.
The Garden Paella was so full of flavour, which I really wasn’t expecting due to it containing freeze dried vegetables. I don’t really like paella either but this was amazing, so peppery and such a nice texture. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve eaten this month.
Sadly, the Elderflower Rice Pudding didn’t match my expectations following the success of the paella. It’s a real shame because I love rice pudding and this made the whole flat smell gorgeous but it was just too ‘flowery’ and I’m just not a fan of that kind of perfumed flavouring.

Chilli Bacon Jam, Eat 17.

This was the real winner of the whole box. It certainly sounded delicious but it definitely looks the least appetising of the lot. We’ve had it on burgers but my favourite was on the Peter’s Yard crackers that also came in the Flavrbox. It’s just tasty and not really like anything I’ve ever had before so it’s hard to explain.

Artisan Swedish Crispbread, Peter’s Yard.

These were amazing with Philadelphia and the Chilli Bacon Jam, but they were also nice plain. I do love a good cracker, sorry, Artisan Swedish Crispbread.

Marshmallow Pop and Marshmallow Dipper, Bonnymallows.

Marshmallows are something I can always take or leave, I’m not that bothered about them, these are a little different from regular marshmallows though. They seem fresher, which is funny because they were delivered to me by post. They have a completely different texture from ‘traditional’ marshmallows and I’m going to go with that being a good thing, although I didn’t like the red part of the Marshmallow Pop, it was a bit too jammy for me.

Wasabi Mustard, The Relish in Spice Company.

I’m quite surprised we haven’t used this more as it seems right up our street. We did get it out for a barbecue and it is really nice, it’s definitely going on the ‘eat more of’ list. Such pretty packaging too.

There’s something about Flavrbox that feels really personal and homely, which is an odd thing to say I suppose as it’s not personalised like other subscription boxes often are, but this element really works with food. Brings me back to being a child and being asked how I knew I didn’t like something if I’d never tried it.

Prices for Flavrbox start at £20 but can be reduced to as little as £16 when paid in advance. They have the loveliest social media where I’ve seen a few discounts and offers floating around, not to mention tasty recipes. They even sell the individual items on their main website! I can only recommend the whole company to everyone, perfect for trying new things and eating closer to home.

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