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Two Sides of Two Nights.

I’m feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment, but that’s much better than feeling underwhelmed. It makes me feel a little sick to work out that I don’t get a free weekend to myself for another two weeks, and even then, the weekend after that I’m shooting a wedding…

I do genuinely love keeping busy, but it’s tough to weigh up the pros when the weekend is technically the only free time you have. Even though I’m doing things I enjoy, I’m really looking forward to relishing in the boredom of doing nothing in a couple of weekends time, and sleeping, as well as not having to really talk to anyone.

This weekend matches to the current trend of not sitting still, as Moon and I took ourselves to Long’s parent’s house in Cornwall on Friday night. I like going there and I’m sure if you’ve been reading a while, you’ll recognise that I’ve posted about it quite a bit too. It’s a great place to get away for a few days and Long is so meticulous when it comes to planning things for us to do, he should be the Cornish Tourist Board’s main player! I’m not sure it was worth going for just the two nights but it was still nice to get away, and sleep on a bed that’s not as soft as a cloud.

We had a great mixture of weather, that matches well to early autumn, and although I’ve been clinging on to Summer and am the first to yabber on about how much I love floaty skirts and sandals, I’m so ready for this new season! Bring on wrapping up and getting some use out of my cool Cath Kidston umbrella. Now I’ll be able to eat stews and my other one-pot dish faves again, without feeling ridiculous ♥. I’m excited, I love all times of year for different reasons, and although we’ve had the wettest summer on record and that will make autumn and winter seem to last an age, there are so many things I enjoy about this time of year.

Anyway, here are some snaps from my day and a little bit in Cornwall.

There was only time to watch The Incredibles and sleep when we got there on Friday night, so that’s just what we did. On Saturday we were up early and headed over to Rock and then Padstow, before Long and Moon went out on the kayaks (for about 10 minutes!)

There was a little drama about the kayaks coming off the roof of the car so while they were fixing it I looked at a horse and found a cricket.


There were so many good dogs in Padstow, I could barely handle it. This one was so huge and fluffy.
I saw so many King Charles Cavaliers too, my favourites :3

Seasalt is such a fun shop, if only I had some use for their pretty canvas bags.

This shop sells Christmas things all year round and I thought starting to plug Christmas at work now was too soon…

I think this is my favourite photo I took from the whole weekend.

So the boys went down to the sea, and I sat and ate sugarsnap peas, read Closer and watched a dog dig lots of holes. I was actually pretty happy doing that, but they weren’t that long as the weather started to change and the current was too strong.

In the evening we spent forever looking for somewhere to eat, and must have tried around six places before settling for The Royal Talbot in Lostwitheil, where we were the only people.

A cute display we spotted while looking for places to eat in Fowey.

Stealing this idea for our homemade nachos, hiding everything under the cheese!

We had planned on going out, but it was wet so we watched another movie instead, because we’re old, and boring.

On Sunday we went to Looe, which was holding a music festival all around the town. That wasn’t why we went but it made for quite a nice atmosphere, even if the weather was a little drizzly, it’s a good thing I came prepared and packed lots of layers.

We stopped off at Martin’s Dairy for a hot drink and a pasty, yum!

Only managed to eat half of the custard tart I bought 🙁

We ended our journey as we started it, with it pouring with rain. Only this time it was relentless, the whole way home. It was Chinese, X Factor, Dragon’s Den and bed for us.

As my last post dictates, I’m a little obsessed with the sky at the moment.

I’m in a pretty good routine now, so I’m feeling settled, although things are going to be thrown up in the air soon, that’s next week’s problem and I’ll worry about it then.

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