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Tuesday Tabs #32

I guess I kind of skipped out last week’s Tuesday Tabs, for no good reason either, because I enjoy making them for my benefit, I guess it just got thrown to the wayside thanks to all the other things I posted about last week.

This fish bowl (‘Bubble Tank’) from Sheffield studio Psalt Design is beautiful, while being a little nerve racking at the same time. What a lovely home for fish, their designs definitely make me think getting some goldfish is a great idea, Doll makes me remember otherwise.

Polka Dot Cat Print Lady Tie, Flapper Girl
How cute is this lady tie? There’s nothing bad about polka dots or kittens. ♥

Moose Necklaces, Finest Imaginary
I find it pretty hard to resist acrylic animal necklaces and the wood with acrylic antlers look really great.

Cat Care Print, Ink and Sword
Can anyone tell I’m a little gutted I couldn’t make it to the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend? I’ve had a quick browse of the sellers and have already found some real gems, this cute pet poster being one of them, such neat graphic design.

Cat & Wing Print Tights, Oasap
These kitty tights are almost too much to handle.

Deena & Ozzy Tan Marta Vintage Boots, Urban Outfitters
It’s the perfect time to be on the hunt for the perfect pair of autumn boots. I have been for a while because of the sad August we had, and I’ve got quite a collection to choose from. I love the different textures of this pair.

One of two songs I’m addicted to this week, I hope they release an album soon.
It’s nice to school myself up before seeing them at Gathering next month.

The second song I’m loving, I know it’s a little old now, but I recently found it through Radio, brilliant for finding new music. The video is so fun, and the song just makes me so happy, perfect for our mini-road trip to Cornwall this weekend.

Link Love:

  • Berkley Illustration — These animal portraits from Berkley Illustration are beautiful, definite must haves for my little flat! But so many to choose from.
  • How Movie Theatres Should Be Laid Out by The Oatmeal — I guess part of me does miss working at Vue, it’s really tiny though, and my job satisfaction in my current job is much higher and I don’t cry before shifts… because I don’t have ‘shifts’! This sums up the main stuff about cinemas that I complain about, both as an employee and a customer, I couldn’t agree more.
  • Pack This! Check List — I’ve seen a few similar pads with this kind of design floating around, I think this would be the most useful to me as I often get a little stressed from packing, although living out of a suitcase while going between Moon’s, my Gran’s, Home and Portsmouth has meant I’ve become a little better, graphically this is so fun.
  • DIY Papercraft Balloon Mobile — I seriously need to find the time to be more crafty, despite good intentions, I’ve only really glanced at my Craft Creatives #2 box, silly really. I’ve been really into mobiles lately, there seem to be so many nice ones around and they make a nice change from hanging pictures on the walls, not that I don’t totally love that too!
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