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To The Garden of England!

I don’t mean to have neglected you as much as I have lately, but there have been a few contributing factors to this. I’m quite tired most of the week and when I’m not, I want to just relax without thinking about anything, a lot of my job involves sitting at a computer – not that there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just trying to settle on how to balance my downtime appropriately, as well as spend quality time with Moon. Also, I do enjoy sharing things with you, but I felt like I was getting a little same-y, not that much fun to write so I can’t imagine that much fun to read. I’m hoping this short break will have cleared my head a little, plus I’m feeling really fresh this week.

With a short trip to Cornwall this weekend, hopefully there will enough to stop either of us getting bored and clear my head a little.

In other, less rambling, news, I helped move my little sister over to the University of Kent last weekend. I sure wish it wasn’t so far away as Canterbury looks like a lovely place to wander around, it just makes me more determined to finally get my driving test passed so I can go visit her without a boring/long train journey in between. This weekend made me realise how I miss my family quite a lot while being all independent and grown all the way over in Newbury. Don’t get me wrong, they drive me crazy and I love where I am right now, but it’s nice to have them with me rather than at the end of the telephone sometimes. It doesn’t help how difficult it is to get back by public transport, especially on a Sunday, another problem of a non-driver.

It might just be me being a little emotional because my sister is actually embarking on the beginnings of becoming an adult, which is weird, because even though I know she isn’t, she basically always will be 13. I just hope she gets on okay, at least she didn’t cry when we left her, a much better job than I did when I was left at Portsmouth.

The University of Kent campus is way out away from the main city, not something I’m used to as a graduate of a University that’s so integrated into a city. Saying that, there seems to be a lot going on, especially if you love controlled fun, which freshers do. It’s quite green and I saw squirrels, I think my sister will be very happy there.

Sunset on Friday night on the way back to New Malden.

My sister’s room is an alright size for a halls room, and I’m pretty envious of the amount of shelves she has. I’m sure it looks much less like a prison cell now she’s unpacked and has had some time to put more of a personal stamp on it.

The car park view from her window is much nicer than the car park I looked out on from my halls. So leafy.

She’s catered, so she has a dining hall, and although that’s kind of lame, I think it’s kind of cool for two reasons, it almost looks like a church and she gets to see this view every morning.

We picked up lunch from Origins in the Darwin block (clever name, eh?), it was really reasonably priced and I ate so much, standard.

There was a man doing piano covers of songs, from the Harry Potter theme to Mumford and Sons it was quite nice. If anyone knows who he is, it would be neat to know more about him.

All the grinning volunteers made it a little, but not really, like Disneyland.

When we got back from Kent, my mum cooked me this, I’ll put this right up there with reasons I miss her sometimes. Doesn’t help that we’ve yet to find a decent Chinese take-away or restaurant since moving here.

It’s quite weird to me that University began a whole five years ago now, and I got out alive, maybe even a different person.
Time goes so quickly sometimes, but good luck to this year’s freshers, it’s a lot of fun, I reckon you’ll enjoy it.

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