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The First One.

I think Sunday is my favourite day of the week. This is the first time in ages I’ve felt that I’ve been able to relax and really do nothing, and it’s been really good. Here are my favourite things about today;

1. All the tea. — It’s drizzly and chilly outside, so there are very few things better than a cuppa.

2. Time to have breakfast — This is the first time I’ve had breakfast all week. I know it’s silly of me and that I should, but I’m up too early and never in the mood to choke down toast I don’t even want, so it’s a bit of a waste.

3. Doll’s lovely face – She’s been super affectionate lately, I could just eat her up!

4. This cat — I couldn’t not include this guy, I think he’s a neighbour cat, we usually see him sitting on next-door’s roof but sometimes he comes to the living room window and just stares in, he has the funniest expression.

5. Lunchtime Sunday Roast Date — We checked out a new gastropub in town called ‘The Newbury’, it’s so lovely. We had overnight-cooked sirloin beef which was amazing. It has such great interiors and is full of reclaimed furniture, our starters were pretty great too, I had Cornish sprats. Such a nice treat ♥.

6. Putting our feet up — Perfect.

Going to make myself a late dinner and watch ‘The Pact’ followed by ‘Osmosis Jones’, yep.

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