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Photo An Hour: 31/08

Why not? I know I’m a little late. It’s been a mental week, I can’t believe that it’s September now, what a crazy six months it’s been. Moving out, getting my first paid job (albeit minimum wage), quitting that job and getting a real proper job with prospects, something I’ve been wanting more than anything for over a year. I guess I won’t have much to complain about anymore.

7am Missing my train to work by seconds and finding out I can get one half an hour later each morning was a pretty good way to start the end of the working week.
I’ve since found that the later train is horrible.

8am On the bus, one of my favourite parts of my commute / Where I work is actually lovely, especially as it’s decided to be sunny lately, it’s easy to forget that it’s a business park.

9am: My newly set up swanky Samsung monitors. ♥

10am: Working through the to-do list I set myself.

11am: Appropriate ‘Elevenses’

12pm: Desk organisation.

1pm: Soundtrack for the day / Changing my mind about juice in cans.

2pm: Vue shoes at my new job.

3pm: What I spent most of the day working on.

4pm: Being able to use these in a practical way is the best.

5pm: Sorting out what to do next / Home time.

6pm: Catching the delayed but luxurious train home. One day I hope to finish an episode of The US Office.

7pm: Spaghetti and meatballs for tea.

This isn’t ‘within’ the ‘Photo an Hour’ timeline, but I figured I’d share this with you anyway. #catladySoundtrack to the day:

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