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My Reading Festival on 35mm, almost.

I’ve really not had much luck with 35mm recently, from fake-shooting a roll of film when borrowing Charlotte’s Sardinia, to having two out of five of my Reading films ruined by Boots’ processing machine; leaving me with none of The Maccabees or The Foo Fighters! The latter part isn’t my fault, but it still makes me angry because it’s not like I can get them back, even if I know what a great time I had, it’s nice to have photographs.

I managed to snag a free disposable camera, get £10 added to my Boots Card and grab the remainder of my films for free as compensation but I’m still a bit gutted despite this. These photos came out a helluva lot better than I thought they were going to, even the ones in tents, I can only dream of what may have been on the ones I lost. Really not a bad job at all for some expired disposable cameras I picked up from Snappy Snaps for £1.99 each – good job too as they were selling non-branded ones in the festival from £5.99 a pop!

Anyway, with Bestival officially marking the end of the festival season, I figured this would be the perfect time to share a few of my photos from Reading Festival with you. It would have been way sooner, but as I mentioned there was a whole problem meaning I only really have time to show you now. I’m in the third week of my new job this week, how time is flying by…

We went over to Mission Burrito in The Oracle for a last taste of real, ‘not a rip off’ food and to use a real toilet.

The Mission Burrito balloon that was meant to mark our camp, but ended up deflated and just hanging there.

Bad camping spots.

Simon lost his tent within the first five minutes of our arrival, so he had to buy one when we got in. They were actually quite reasonable and he got this one for £30, £30 more than he would have liked to have spent, but it leaked less than our tent.

The first band we saw on Friday were ‘Future of the Left’, really not my cup of tea.

I wish this had scanned in better, it’s probably my favourite.

This annoys me a little because there are people I don’t know in it, it’s all Moon’s fault for ‘getting in the festival spirit’.

Alt-J were crazy busy.

Being little in the crowd for Alt-J / The Maccabees.

Foster the People.

The stampede for Green Day was like that scene from Jurassic Park when all the tinyy dinosaurs are running from the T-Rex.

Green Day.

Moon’s swollen fingers.

Getting psyched for Dry the River.

The furthest away I’ve ever been for Dry the River, it was absolutely amazing seeing them on such a huge stage though. ♥

Everything bad that happens at Reading in one photo, there’s even poo in there somewhere, this poor ‘tent’ owner.

Florence & the Machine in the pouring rain.

Seeing Moon’s ears in one of these ponchos really cracks me up.

I wish I didn’t look so sleepy in the left-hand photo. Wearing a kigu was definitely where it was at, both in terms of overall festival fashion and in terms of keeping cosy.

Long during Florence / A four-man totem pole for The Joy Formidable, mental.

The Joy Formidable.

Kaiser Chiefs, amazing!

Another gripe I perhaps have, although it’s mainly down to my laziness in terms of not being bothered to scan these in again, but they seem to be ridiculously high contrast for some reason. It must be the settings on my scanner, as they look normal in real life. I’ve tried to make it look like everyone has a less burnt face than they did in the original scans and I think it’s come out okay.

So that was Reading, I love a good festival, I don’t know about going back to Reading again, but I had a great time anyway. I really wish I had The Black Keys lighting, The Maccabees’ lasers and Sunday’s sunset but I think I’ve still got a lovely little set here.

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