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In My Own Back Yard.

Here are some photos of how Moon and I spent our fragile Sunday last weekend. I know it’s a little late but I’ve so sleepy and busy lately, and anyway, it’s better late than never, right?

We took a drive over to Donnington Castle, which is only about 10 minutes away from us, it really is lovely when you find somewhere so nice so close to home, exactly how I felt about Richmond Park when I was back in New Malden. It’s so quiet up there, which was perfect for our post-barbecue heads, we took a picnic which is something we haven’t done in forever, and there were so many neat dogs .

Donnington Castle being free is a great big tick against it, and I appreciate the amount of risk, but it really would be a helluva lot cooler if we’d been allowed inside.

I promise that it was a real picnic with real lemonade and sandwiches and everything. We were just too ravenous to be picturesque about things.


We ended up at this abandoned cow shed, which had sofas in it, it was a little odd.

As we walked back to the castle there was a wedding party acting out some silly but adorable scene for their wedding tape.
Weddings just seem so awkward for the main participants.

It was pretty cool being able to see our house (Newbury Racecourse) from all the way up there.

Sometimes I see photos of Moon and I want to squish his face. *vom

What I Wore:
Not suitable footwear for the thorn and splinter infested woodland floor.
Top: H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams
Necklace: Gift
Belt: With Skirt
Skirt: Fat Face
Flip Flops: Fitflop.


Have you taken any nice walks recently or found any hidden gems just around the corner?

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