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Ice cream Sundae.

Here’s what I wore out and about Saturday, I would have worn it for the whole day going into the evening when we had a barbecue, but I dropped food down myself, such are the perils of being clumsy as hell.

Sunglasses: M:UK at Boots.
Top: Primark.
Necklace: Tatty Devine, Gift.
Belt: With skirt.
Skirt: New Look.
Sandals: Primark.
This was quite a fun outfit to put together, I feel like a sundae. I never thought much about wearing this top as I got it on a bit of a whim and it’s a lot shorter than I would like, but worn like this, I actually really like it, even if I do say so myself. Perfect for the warm sunny day we had, and I finally remembered to bring out my sunglasses!

I know a lot of blogs I’ve been reading have been complaining about our current confused weather but I rather like it, still not ready to leave summer behind and the longer I get to see sunshine, the better.

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