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Hey there, Cath!

Cath Kidston is coming to Newbury next week and I’m super-excited!

On Saturday, to celebrate the opening of their latest store in Newbury, Cath Kidston brought their caravan to the Parkway shopping centre. I wish I’d had my camera because it was so adorable, both on the inside and out. I was also lucky enough to get a discount card for the new store, but not a temporary tattoo as advertised on Facebook (*sadface). Without there being a sale on, I actually managed to get some Cath Kidston items that I could afford, in fact, I got two. I don’t know if it’s because of the ‘Tour’ but I’m really pleased with my buys and the prices they came to. I adore Cath Kidston and I’m looking forward to having a proper browse of the new shop next weekend, I am a little sad to miss the opening on Thursday though as they’re giving away limited edition Newbury badges like the one above.

You can find out more about Cath Kidston ‘On the Road’ on the Cath Kidston website.

I haven’t been able to treat myself guilt-free in what feels like an age, even though it’s not been that long, so it was nice to buy something that I wanted rather than needed especially when it came in such a pretty bag.

Birdcage Umbrella, £10
I love this style of umbrella and have been in need of a new umbrella for a while, with so much drizzle and the likelihood of more, I think this is pretty sensible. I think it might be a kids one but I’m pretty little, plus it’s in one of my favourite Cath Kidston patterns. ♥

Recycled All Wool Rug, £20
I’m hoping we won’t be moving from our tiny flat for a little while so my next project is to ‘cosy up’ our bedroom as it hasn’t really got much personality and we’ve mainly only paid attention to our kitchen-lounge. This rug is so warm but would be good for sitting on too. It’s been so cold recently so having the extra layer is really nice/makes me a bit of a granny.

For spending over £30, I got these free gifts, I’m not usually a sucker for a free gift, but I think these are pretty good. You can never have too many keyrings.

I think Doll appreciates the new rug, although she did attempt to rip it up just after these were taken…

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