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Cath Kidston comes to Newbury!

I almost couldn’t contain my excitement over Cath Kidston coming to Newbury, I was actually really gutted to miss out on the opening and a complimentary Cath Kidston Newbury button badge. Nevertheless, I had Saturday to get my fix and one of the first things I did last Saturday morning was get down to Parkway and pop into the new store.

I must admit that I was a little disheartened as the décor is a little less exciting than previous Cath Kidston shops that I’ve visited but it’s still full of all the lovely things that make Cath Kidston the brand it is. I’ve got a little saving to do but it’s safe to say I’m planning on being a frequent visitor.

Seeing items in the kids section in Cath Kidston can tend to end in disappointment. If I was little enough I would basically dress in their kids range from head to toe. That fox scarf and hat are so cute and although I hate them, I might stretch to lusting after those wellies a little.

It’s so nice to see Cath Kidston stocking Quail now rather than their imitation version. These cuties are the perfect match to my money box but I still have my heart set on the pug ones I mentioned a few weeks ago.
I was tempted by a great pair of winter pyjama bottoms but as they’re something I don’t need right now I didn’t pick them up but I did manage to get a few things, two out of the three items were even things I needed so it was a successful Cath Kidston trip yet again!

Sunglasses case: £12

I’ve needed a sunglasses case since losing mine somewhere in Turkey. I think this is a great investment as I reckon I’ve got a little more wear out of my sunglasses yet and I’m hoping this case will last a while. Now I have somewhere safe for my glasses rather than having them loose in my bag.
It even came with a glasses cleaning cloth (is that the right word, it doesn’t sound like it?), which was a nice touch as I hate finger prints and the like, particularly covering my eyes.

Pin Badge Set: £8

I’m really loving Cath Kidston’s woodland theme this season, and am currently lusting after their squirrel-print shirt. At £38, it’s a little out of my price range so I settled for these instead. I love a good badge and these are the cutest!

Bluebell Hand Cream: £8

Getting up earlier with the mornings getting colder, as well as working in an air-conditioned office means that my hands have been a little dry lately and I’ve been looking to get another hand cream to take to work. I sampled this in the shop and it was irresistible (obviously), it’s got a floral but light scent and a light non-greasy texture, perfect!
It also has vitamin E, which I’m convinced explains my almost instantly ‘less-gross’ nails after a nail-biting binge around a week ago. I can only recommend it and although I admit it’s far from budget, you don’t need a lot at a time so it will last ages. For the amount you get, I think the price is incredibly reasonable considering the difference it’s made so far it’s actually great value against similarly priced brands.

I fancy leaving you with an unrelated photo of this amazing dog I saw on the way back home, it’s like the dog version of Doll, and was so soft and fluffy. Why yes, I did touch it ♥.

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