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What I Wore: Tiny Zebras.

Cardigan: Primark
Necklace: Punky Pins
Dress: Peacocks
Belt: New Look
Tights: Primark
Bag: Alphabet Bags
Shoes: Converse

Here’s what I wore when Moon’s mum came down to visit us on Sunday. It’s a pretty confused outfit if I’m being honest, it ended up being rather warm despite the heavy showers in the morning. I kind of wish I’d abandoned the tights and cardigan, but I do enjoy how co-ordinated I was. I love this dress, I just wish I never had to iron it, I know the difference ironing makes but it really is the most detestable task.

Sadly there was no carbooting to had on Sunday, we’ve got to get it right at some point this month, fingers crossed for this weekend being the one.

This took a lot longer to do than it should have, so out of practice!
Bases: ‘Shelton Street’, Nails Inc; ‘Country Bumpkin’, Topshop; ‘Sunshine’, Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish & ‘Top Turquoise’, Models Own
Design: ‘Ibiza Mix’, Models Own & eBay Nail Art Pens
Top Coat: ‘Clearly Clear’, Rimmel Lycra Pro

I’ve switched top-coats and I’m kind of sad I had to take this off yesterday as I could have had it forever, and I reckon it would have lasted a couple more days too. I’m still using Rimmel, purely because it sits well within my budget, but just a clear 10-day polish rather than a ‘specialist’ one and surprised to say that it actually works better, in application and wear.

That Barry M glitter gel I bought all those months ago is still going strong, it’s clumped up a little, I think because I took it to Turkey, but it’s actually made it better as now I get a lot more coverage, which is kind of the look I wanted from this one, kind of ‘glam rocky’ (ish), if that makes sense.

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