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Tuesday Tabs #30

I missed out on Tuesday Tabs last week due to being super busy with trying to get so much stuff done before leaving for Reading, but I’m back with this week’s loves. I’d also like to take the time to thank you for the recent kind comments, I love getting your feedback and knowing that someone’s listening. I started my new job today and I’m feeling pretty perky, I think it’s the high of being paid more than minimum wage or even being paid at all! The commute is definitely not the worst I’ve done, but I’ll talk to you again if I still have to do it in the winter.

Longsleeve Cheetah Print Shirt, Topshop
Very high on my list of things I need.

Raspberry Print Collar Dress, Dorothy Perkins
This dress is so nice, and the collar is just adorable. If only it was in the sale for a little longer then I would be able to justify it once I got paid, it would be lovely for work, I might think about picking it up anyway though.

Gemma Correll and cats?! Perfect.

Freya Art
How nice are these from Freya Art, they remind me a lot of Rob Ryan, which can’t be a bad thing. I think I really need that kitty print on my wall now.

Irritatingly obsessed with this song right now.

Manatees Keeping It Real, What Party?
I spotted designs from What Party? when I was at the Renegade Craft Fair way back in October and had forgotten about them until they cropped up again recently. I’ve made sure to bookmark them well and truly, the one is my favourite at the moment but I love all of them, yo!

Link Love:

  • Edited by Louise Gray at Topshop — Finally Topshop have done a collection I can really sink my teeth into from the quirky contrast shirts to the amazing glittery nail polishes, this is all right up my street and the first time I’ve felt akin to Topshop in what feels like forever.
  • Cakes in a Jar — I think I’m going to start saving my jars so I can try some of these out, they look delicious.
  • A Commitment Made by the Sea from Justin Aaron — I’ve been spending a little time researching wedding photographing even though the next wedding I’m shooting isn’t for a couple of months. Although I complained about it quite a lot during my degree, I do know how important research can be for inspiration and Justin Aaron’s images are certainly that.
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