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Tuesday Tabs #29.

There are so many things I want, and the list is getting longer, I’m a little worried that this is the wrong attitude to have. This is going to be the best week, I finish at Vue tomorrow, then it’s my birthday and I’ve got heaps planned for the weekend before an induction at my new job on Monday. Yes!

We’re heading somewhere awesome in the evening on my birthday, I’m super-excited.
Here are some of my favourite things from around the Internet this week:

Pug Salt & Pepper Shakers, Quail for Maiden
I’m so pleased that Maiden finally put these on their website after I spotted them in store so many months ago. These are definitely ‘first pay cheque’ material and they’d go perfectly with my pug eggcup. My current ones have seen better days and these are the perfect replacements.

Creamola Foam Apron, Gillian Kyle
I love Gillian Kyle’s whole range of Creamola Foam products, but this apron is graphically my favourite. You should have a look at the rest of her shop too, there are so many other nostalgia-making buys. I’m also a big fan of her Tunnock’s Teacake Tote.

‘Sunshine’ Camera Strap, iMo
I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new camera in my life come my birthday, and this is the custom strap I’d like for it. It may be put on my 35mm camera instead depending on how it looks, but iMo make the nicest straps, and whichever I choose, it will go nicely with the heart-patterned one I already have. They’re such a reasonable price given the quality, and my last one arrived so fast considering it came all the way from Hong Kong!

Billy Ray Floral Ankle Boots, Schuh
Woeful as I am that so many nods to Autumn are already coming up and it doesn’t feel like the UK had much of a summer, I do enjoy a good boot, and I’m getting my shopping-around in early. I’ve been after a pair of cowboy-esque boots for a little while and the details on these ones are just darling.

Vincent Flatform Ankle Boot, ASOS
As these are so different from the above boots, I think both could be justifiable once I’ve had a sort out of my current shoe situation. These are lovely and so different from anything else I have, not to mention smart enough to get away with wearing at my new job.

Bear-print Camisole, Leah Goren

I’ve been listening to Alt-J a lot in the last few days.

Link Love:

  • Kayleigh O’Connor’s ‘out there’ Nail Art — A little impractical, but some of the most fun designs I’ve seen in ages.
  • Jasmine from Jazz Loves You More’s Illustrated Love List — As a lover of lists I appreciate this all too much. So many neat ideas keep cropping up for the sketchbook I bought and I haven’t actually touched it once, I feel so guilty, this is the perfect week to start.
  • LOOK Beauty’s Nail Pop — I foolishly didn’t realise just how many polishes I’d thrown away when having my clear out and have come to the conclusion that I just don’t have enough. I sure wish they stocked these in my local Superdrug, but picking them up online will have to do for now, they’re so pretty.
  • Gemma Correll’s ‘Scribble Kitty’ Tote Bag — I really need to stop getting drawn in by totes.
  • These photographs of birds by John Soong — I should do a spot of bird-watching in our garden, I love the colours in these photos.
  • Bike DIYs from Goodnight Little Spoon — It’s posts like these that make me really want a bike, if I had a pretty one I’d definitely ride it. #hipster

  • It’s going to get easier to keep these posts shorter soon, which I’m glad about because sometimes they do get a little long. Looking back on them is pretty fun though, and makes me realises I maybe don’t need some things over others and can appreciate them with my eyes rather than actually having them, although it’s good to have a stash of Etsy shops and independent shops that might get lost otherwise.

    Following up from yesterday’s post, I won’t be able to show you any La Sardina photos as planned as the film was blank. I’m actually super-upset about it, firstly because it was borrowed and I’ve now given it back, secondly because I was really excited about seeing what it would come up with. Now it will be even more difficult to make the decision on whether to get one…

    I might make the most of my last week of free cinema tickets and head out to see Brave, kind of sad I have no one to see it with as Moon wasn’t interested, afternoon matinee for one…

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