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Tuesday Tabs #28

Howdy, I hope you’re having as an amazing Tuesday as I am. It’s been a year and almost a full month since I graduated and I’ve struggled and muddled my way through life ever since, with semi-exploitative but invaluable internships to my current, confidence-boosting not-what-I-want-to-be-doing-but-will-do-for-now minimum wage job. All that aside, I’ve grown as a person and am stronger than I’ve ever been, not that I have to worry about any of that now, because I finally have a really grown-up job!

It was coming to the point where I was on the verge of tears at the beginning of every other shift and I just didn’t know what I was doing or where I wanted my life to go. Now I have an escape route and I can see the end, I’m going to be an ‘Online Merchandiser’ for a company in Reading. Not 100% on discretion right now, but I’ll tell you this, I’m bloody excited. I had the interview and was rung while still on the way home, I actually hung up on the MD thanks to my silly touchscreen phone, but this is the best news I’ve had all year. Pizza tonight to celebrate!

Back to business, here are my favourite things from around the Internet this week. I was going to try and tie this into a ‘birthday wishlist’ kind of dealio as it’s only 9 days until I’m the grand old age of 23, but there’s too much going on and I never really know what I want anyway.

Michael Cho’s comic-inspired artwork is awesome, I wish he did prints. His other art is pretty cool too, you can check out his Blogspot here.

Wire House Envelope Rack, Invotis Orange
Kind of hard to resist now these are on with £4.50 off. I’ve been searching for the perfect envelope rack for a while as Moon just plonks his post everywhere and I’m almost just as bad, this would look so cute on our kitchen counter.

Beach High Waist Skirt, Love Ur Look
How cute is this skirt? Now I have an little excuse for a slight wardrobe expansion, I’m tempted. Love the simple waist detail!

Anorak Twin Rabbit Duvet Cover, Urban Outfitters
I wish Urban Outfitters weren’t so stingey with their bed linen, I can’t work out if this comes with pillow slips, as well as not having the cash, but this is one of my favourite patterns and I’d be all over it if the description wasn’t so vague and if I was a single duvet kind of girl.

Turquoise Brimfield Bookcase, Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters announced their furniture range last week, and you should know by now I’m smitten for pretty interiors and these came as I’m looking for something in this kind of area. It’s a little big for the flat but we are in need of more storage, I wish this came half the size, the colour is so nice.

Nearly forgot how good Tom The Lion is.

Paper Dress Necklaces, Hug A Porcupine via The Little Dröm Store
So adorable! I like the blue one best. ♥

Marathon La Sardina, Fototo
I’ve been using Charlotte’s La Sardina for a couple of days and although I’m still making a decision, this is definitely the La Sardina I would want should I decide to get one. The images will definitely be the deciding factor but I’m not even halfway through my first roll yet.

Link Love:

  • Summer on Film on The Dainty Squid — Summer is always the perfect time to get back into film, I think I’ll be taking 35mm to Reading to spare getting robbed. The quality of these images is great too, I definitely want to spend some more time working with film even more after seeing this.
  • White Layer Cake with Lemon Curd — This will be great for making those multi-coloured ‘Pinterest/Tumblr’ cakes, thanks to Wrapped Up In Rainbows for sharing.
  • Dinosaur Bunting from Sass & Belle — Super cute!
  • Home Sketchbook — This post from Goodnight Little Spoon on the sketchbook about her home she made for a class is really neat. An idea I might be stealing to fill up my own sketchbook, I need a little boost.
  • Eames Pens & Pencils Mug from Urban Outfitters — I already have so many mugs, but I keep seeing so many pretty ones around. I might start coyly smashing the ones we already have just to pick up beauts like this one.
  • The Pronunciation Manual — Hours of procrastinating fun to be had.
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