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Prairie Charms.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached on Twitter by Stephanie of Prairie Charms to take part in their Project Blogger competition. Throughout July and August, for all beauty and fashion bloggers they’re offering 50% off. With 10% of their proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital’s ‘Kiss It Better’ campaign, it was a hard offer to resist and I picked up two, although there were a few others I could have gone for.

By entering ‘Project Blogger’, I’ll be entered into a draw to win a unique semi-precious gemstone bracelet and a chance to collaborate further with Prairie Charms in the future, it’s a pretty exciting opportunity but the donations to GOSH’s campaign are more than enough, I never really feel like I do enough for charity.

The bracelets are really well-made and maybe I feel like I should have thought more selflessly with my selection and picked one up for a friend like Maddie from All The Pretty Things. I really like the tiny details of these bracelets and they’re great for adding little accents to an outfit, or just everyday wear. I went for Don’t Regret Things You Can’t Change and You Create Beauty With Your Attitude, Behaviour And Actions, they all have fun, long names. Their delivery was super-quick too, and came delicately wrapped with ribbons, always a thumbs up.

Be sure to take some time to check out Prairie Charms here.

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