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Photo An Hour: Twentythree 16/08

I hope it doesn’t seem as though I’ve gone all birthday-centric on you, but I’ve got so much to tell and I have to cram it all into a couple of days but try to make it staggered at the same time.

So, I thought I’d document my further ventures into twenty-somethingdom with a Photo A Hour, this was probably my least exciting birthday as I spent basically the whole day on my own, but it was great to have a bit of time to relax and not have to worry about anything, as it’s something I rarely do.

10am: Birthday cards.

11am: Essential nail painting session.

12pm: Doll pops back inside / I head out for my driving lesson.

1pm: Flowers from Moon’s mum and brother.

2pm: It’s a yellow afternoon and time to make lemonade / Tiny lunch in preparation for the evening.

3pm: Watching ‘America’s Animal Hoarder’ / Baking.

4pm: Leaving my cake to cool / As a grown up, I actually had to go to the council offices to sort some things out, I was pretty unimpressed with this.

5pm: Moon got home and I opened my presents, he’d wrapped them in such pretty paper and got me a great Gemma Correll card ♥.

6pm: My finished cake.

7pm: On the road to Oxford / Waiting to order in Atomic Pizza.

8pm: Main courses arrive / Moon expresses his enthusiasm.

9pm: Back to Newbury / Stopping off at Tesco to search for housewarming gifts for our buddy, Chris.

10pm: Blowing out my birthday cake candles in my PJs.

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