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Photo An Hour #2: 07/08

I had some really lovely feedback from my first ‘Photo An Hour’ post, so I thought I’d do another, it was another day off, where all I could do was personal admin, but it’s also the day I had my interview for my new job, so it ended up being a pretty great day.

10am: It was pretty tough waking up, I’ve been so tired lately.

11am: Essentials / Little Cat not getting the concept of the open window, she’s learnt quickly though.

12pm: Dippy egg for breakfast / Spot of nail-painting – both big deals in their own right.

1pm: Post / Photoshopping.

2pm: Interview outfit / Off to Newbury train station to get the train to Reading.

3pm: Reading.

4pm: On the way back to Newbury from my interview.

5pm: Spreading the good news.

6pm: Pizza to celebrate.

7pm: Moon attempting to cheat the batteries for my other Instax camera (which ended up not working).

8pm: To Sainsbury’s for supplies.

9pm: Crazy Cores! / Checking out ‘The Girl Who Became Three Boys’, which was really stupid.

10pm: Hot drink/wind down time.

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