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Photo An Hour #1: 30/07.

I’ve been meaning to give this a go for ages, and I actually really enjoyed it, so I might give it another try in the future. I wasn’t doing anything that exciting on Monday, except for catching up on personal admin and enjoying my day off relaxing. I quite enjoyed focussing in on smaller details though, it will be really fun to try when I’m really busy. I’m just assuming the rules are to take a photo every hour for 12 hours, I’ve adjusted them slightly and added two that I hope compliment each other.

I’ve spent today mucking around with my layout and details, but I won’t ramble and will just show you these photographs and let them speak for themselves. I do enjoy a good photo-challenge.

You should check out The Dainty Squid for the best ‘Photo An Hour’ posts, so inspiring and one of my favourite blogs.

9am: Sorting out what to wear and doing my hair / Last bowl of Fruit Loops for breakfast.

10am: Letting Little Doll outside / Taking in the laundry.

11am: Editing photographs / Faithful feline companion watches over me intently…

12pm: Spot of blogging.

1pm: Lunchtime, tasty salami and salad wrap / Little Doll lusting after ham.

2pm: Organising my new baskets from TK Maxx and making the space under the TV look tidy.

3pm: Working through my Turkey photo album, and there’s still so much more to do!

4pm: My most detested of tasks – sorting out my wardrobe, I don’t even know how it gets like this.

5pm: Moon came home and flopped on the couch to regale me with tales of his day at work.

6pm: Cooking time!

7pm: Teatime ♥
Sausages, spinach, potatoes and broad beans, nomz.

8pm: Milk pit-stop to Sainsbury’s.

9pm: Settling down for my first ever viewing of ‘Armageddon’ with a snugmug full of coffee.

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